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February 11, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira |

Chocolate Croissants ($2.75 each)

As Valentine’s Day approaches this week, pick out a treat (or a few) for that special someone at Fendu Boulangerie, Hawaii’s go-to European-style bakery located in the heart of cozy Manoa.

Chef and owner Niel Koep and his skilled Fendu team create an array of popular items and family favorites from scratch daily.

“We’ll have lots of our favorites on hand this week, although the men tend to come in on Valentine’s Day with that ‘Help me’ look on their faces,” Koep says with a grin.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Hearts with Raspberry Mousse ($5.99 each)

Those looking for a rich, chocolate-infused option need look no further than Valrhona Caraibe Dark Chocolate Mousse with Lilikoi Sauce ($5.99). Koep explains a French company makes this particular chocolate with beans from the Caribbean — the chef’s favorite blend that produces unique flavors in each bite. The dark chocolate and lilikoi sauce pair perfectly with similar acidity levels and sweet notes, and the dish is topped with cocoa powder and bits of roasted, raw cacao.

Another popular option is Dark Chocolate Financier ($3.99), a French almond cake flavored with butter, dark chocolate, chocolate chips and candied orange accents. The dessert offers a moist but dense texture, and is not too sweet or savory — it’s just right.

Dark Chocolate Financiers ($3.99 each)

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Dome ($5.99) blows the roof off of what one typically expects from a sweet treat, as it is built with a Grand Marnier-infused creme brulee and a layer of chocolate chunk macadamia nut sponge cake featuring dark chocolate notes. An almond cookie serves as the dome’s base, and the creation is finished with a layer of silky smooth dark chocolate glaze. Fendu Boulangerie also serves up a Chocolate Croissant ($2.75), which is a classic breakfast pastry that can be enjoyed throughout the day. It features European-style dough baked with a bar of dark chocolate inside that permeates the croissant.

And, don’t miss out on Valrhona Dark Chocolate Heart with Raspberry Mousse ($5.99), which is a flourless chocolate cake atop an almond cookie surrounding a raspberry center. The decadent dessert is topped with a velvety chocolate spray and raspberry gelee.

Valrhona Caraibe Dark Chocolate Mousses with Lilikoi Sauce ($5.99 each)

Fendu Boulangerie is standing by with an assortment of delightful baked goods, not only for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, but also throughout the year.

“We bake items fresh every day with no preservatives or shortening, and use butter and olive oil — we don’t over-sugar things compared to a typical bakery,” says Koep. “In the European style, the emphasis is not as heavy on incorporating sugar, and we’re able to still offer desserts that are sweet and delicious. There is a good variety to choose from when you come visit us. And, we’re here in Manoa where it’s cooler — a nice escape from downtown.”

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