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January 13, 2019

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Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill is hitting the ground running in 2019 with a second location that opened its doors a month ago on Dec. 14 at Pearl-ridge Center Downtown. Plus, with new executive chef Kemar Durfield at the helm there’s excitement coming from all directions, from the staff to customers.

The Pearlridge restaurant offers the same menu, and a hint more refinement than its Pier 38 counterpart. When the pier location first opened up, it was meant to be just a fish market. As business picked up, Uncle’s started serving meals for lunch and then eventually, by popular demand, expanded its offerings to a full-service lunch and dinner grill and bar.

After being in business for more than a decade at Pier 38 and learning more about what the customers wanted, the Pearlridge location’s vision was set and ready to go.

“We offer a total seafood experience — it’s where the fishermen eat,” says Durfield. “We have other dishes as well but we are known for our fish and Mr. (Bruce) Johnson (owner and founder) is an expert on fish.”

Durfield explains Uncle’s hopes to expand the brand and become a “whole-world fish market” with Hawaiian products at the forefront and the mission to bring quality and satisfaction to customers.

“Please come and check out our new location,” concludes Durfield. “It’s a beautiful and nice place to eat where you can find tastes of the island, Japan and the world. Any and all guests are welcome.”

Fish for your dish

Slick and smooth ahi, salmon (cured in-house with a secret recipe) and Hamachi sashimi steal the show in this loaded chirashizushi-style dish.

Oh, so fresh!

A generous scoop of ahi tartar adds a welcoming, creamy flavor with its sauce that coats the melt-in-your-mouth fish.

In for some squid

Fried calamari provides the perfect break in texture with its crispy, golden skin and prime, savory meat inside.

Perfect for your palate

Also in this dish is a heaping mound of sushi rice as the base, ikura, pickled ginger, local sprouts and freshly made wasabi.

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