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January 6, 2019

Story By: Lianna Mccurdy | Photos by: FILE PHOTOS

Yum Cha Hawaii’s dining area

Approaching its one-year anniversary, Yum Cha Hawaii is a quintessential dim sum eatery situated on Kapiolani Boulevard. The restaurant’s space is ambient and open, brightly lit by large windows, offering customers a comfortable dining experience.

Chinese food enthusiasts may be familiar with the phrase dim sum, which refers to a variety of small dishes, both sweet and savory, served steamed or fried in bite-sized portions. Translating literally to “drink tea,” the Cantonese phrase yum cha is often used to describe an entire meal.

Garlic Hawaiian Prawns on Look Funn ($19.95 special)

Apart from offering an abundance of daily dim sum options, Yum Cha Hawaii’s menu also boasts large plates of Chinese delicacies.

Indulge in the beginning of 2019 with Yum Cha’s Lobster Special ($19 with purchase of one regular entree priced at $15 or more), available during the restaurant’s dinner service. This dish is piled high with tender, buttery seafood — a generous 1 1/2 pounds of live Maine lobster.

Doggy Buns ($4.99); Piggy Buns ($4.99)

Further explore the eatery’s tempting seafood offerings by placing an order for Garlic Hawaiian Prawns on Look Funn ($19.95 special). This extravagant course offers a heaping helping of steamed Hawaiian prawns. Seasoned with an ample quantity of garlic and green onion, these fresh prawns are layered atop look funn or flat rice noodles.

Yum Cha owner Lisa Samuels recommends celebrating the upcoming Year of the Pig with Yum Cha’s Piggy Buns ($4.99), a dessert dim sum filled with tantalizing sweet custard. Served in traditional steamer baskets, these delicate buns will instill feelings of luck and fortune in foodies tasting the delightful treat.

Be sure to sip tea throughout the meal in standard yum cha fashion to complement the exquisite flavors of each bite of fare.

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