Bentos and sushi can satisfy any craving

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January 20, 2019

Story By: Lianna Mccurdy | Photos by: Kozo Sushi

Teriyaki Chicken Bento ($7.99)

There’s nothing quite like a fresh bite from Kozo Sushi. Originally opened in Osaka, Japan, Kozo Sushi quickly established itself as a popular “fast food” take-out sushi restaurant here in the Aloha State.

Kozo Sushi offers the perfect balance between okazuya and a more expensive sushi bar, serving the best of traditional and fusion sushi.

Ebi Fry Bento ($7.99)

Often inventing new dishes that play on local flavors, Kozo’s menu is ever changing and will give those craving Japanese cuisine a taste of their wildest foodie dreams.

Whether looking to dine in or take out, there’s sure to be a Kozo Sushi close by — the eatery boasts locations in Kahala Mall, Moiliili, Pearlridge, Pearl City and on Keeaumoku Street. Mika Yamamoto, president of Kozo Sushi Hawaii, recommends stopping by the restaurant in Kahala Mall, as it recently reopened.

Chicken Katsu Bento ($7.99)

When visiting any Kozo Sushi, one is greeted by a massive menu presenting options of hand rolls, hosomaki, makimono, donburi, nigiri, bentos and even party platters, fit to serve masses of Japanese food enthusiasts.

Taking a gander at the bento section, one can find Ebi Fry Bento ($7.99), a delectable bento of jumbo fried shrimp. Inari (sweet sushi rice wrapped in savory fried tofu), Shinko Maki (a pickled vegetable sushi), side salad, and a bed of white rice balance out the crispy seafood dish.

Another oishii choice is Chicken Katsu Bento ($7.99), which features delicately fried chicken drizzled with sauce placed atop steamed rice. This browned chicken bento includes freshly prepared California Maki (crab meat with avocado, cucumber and mayo), Inari, Shinko Maki and a side salad.

For a helping of grilled chicken, cooked to perfection, place an order for Teriyaki Chicken Bento ($7.99). This tender chicken is dressed with sweet teriyaki sauce, accompanied by Shinko Maki, Soba Noodles and a side salad.

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