Ruby Tuesday

Step Up to the Plate

December 23, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo


If your tummy is growling at you for some TLC, take yourself and the gang over to Ruby Tuesday. The trip will be an all-around success with the restaurant’s myriad of possibilities that satiate the meat eaters to veggie lovers.

To start off, Ruby Tuesday presents deals that make the dining experience that much more enjoyable. For example, the Garden Bar Combinations are priced at $13.99 for the month of December ($14.99 regular price). It’s a steal of a deal that includes an entree from a preset list of selections — like mini sliders, soup, veggie trio or quesadillas — paired with unlimited trips to the colorful and revitalizing salad bar.

Also, just around the corner, Ruby Tuesday has new promotions launching in January, such as lunchtime combos that pack a bunch of food at three low prices. Starting Jan. 1, the combos will be available Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and will include a number of different entree and side combinations at prices of $9.99, $10.99 and $11.99, depending what mix of picks guests choose.

Be on the lookout for these great deals and more, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Plus, as the current NFL season wraps up, Ruby Tuesday is your game day spot to sip on drinks and chow down on some great grinds, as the dining and bar areas boast TVs broadcasting several games. Breakfast is also available every day until 11 a.m.

Perfect partners

A soft bed of mashed potatoes and refreshing green beans are just the right sides to the meaty main. Other options such as fries, rice and more can be substituted.

Amaze glaze

Shiny, silky and savory, this Hickory Bourbon Glaze is a salivating Ruby Tuesday original that, staff shared, is exclusive to the restaurant.

Open wide

This is no baby cut! Ruby Tuesday is sure to slice up a thick, juicy slab of pork to fill even the biggest of appetites. It is grilled to crisp perfection with indulgent, charred edges.

Go for more

As is the eatery’s tradition, customers are given the choice to opt for trips to the Garden Bar with any entree for just $6.99 more.

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