Mamoru Takitani Founder’s Collection™

Step Up to the Plate

December 10, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO


Chocolate covered macadamia nuts have truly become a staple in the islands as locals and visitors alike flock to the shelves to get their hands on these decadent melt-in-your-mouth morsels. Since 1927, Hawaiian Host® has been a top contender state-and world-wide churning out these wonderful sweet creations of all kinds.

“Hawaiian Host is the world’s leading brand of premium chocolate covered macadamia nut products — an indulgence to savor and share every day,” says customer marketing manager Veronika McKenney. “Our classic confections reflect our deep connection to Hawaii and are meant to be shared with others in the true spirit of aloha.”

Each staff member works to provide tender loving care into every single product. Hard work, innovation and a commitment to excellence are also at the core of the business’ mission. These are values derived from founder Mamoru Takitani who always dreamed of being a candy maker.

“Experimenting in his parents’ attic, he and his wife Aiko blended different kinds of chocolates, developing a unique recipe,” explains vice president of marketing Helen Liew. “When his magical recipe for chocolate-dipped macadamias created a sensation on his home island of Maui, he purchased Ellen Dye Candies in Honolulu and renamed the company.”

There’s much to be found and to enjoy in the countless products produced from the company that make for the perfect gift during the holidays and also all year round.

“While chocolate covered macadamias are Hawaiian Host’s signature product, the company has also developed a diverse line of island confections including Caramacs®, MacNut Crunch® and ToffeeMacs®,” shares Liew.

With more than 40 unique premium chocolate and macadamia nut snacks, Hawaiian Host distributes to more than 25 countries, sharing a taste of Hawaii and the joy of aloha across the globe. Locally, Hawaiian Host products can be found at a number of retailers spanning the islands.

Chocolate lovers
This founder’s set, plus other Hawaiian Host delights are the ideal sweet surprise to gift family, friends and even yourself, especially during this holiday season — though products are available year round.

Melting moments
Each piece features macadamia nuts that are hand-selected whole and half dry roasted. They are then blanketed in a secret high-quality blend of creamy rich milk chocolate.

New year, new me
After being in business for more than 90 years, Hawaiian Host now has a fresh look “specifically created to capture the premium quality and authenticity of products,” according to the company.

Flavors galore
While milk and dark chocolate are currently available for this collection, Honey Coated, White Chocolate and Matcha will be available for consumers to indulge in early next year.

Sweet dreams
This collection pays tribute to Hawaiian Host founder Mamoru Takitani and his legacy featuring the company’s original classic chocolate covered macadamia nut confection.

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Hawaii's Best