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December 30, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: FILE PHOTOS

Roasted Prime Rib ($23.50)

As it may be the case for many, there’s something about the holiday season that sparks a feeling of nostalgia. It’s the period when longstanding traditions activate and take everyone through this joyous time of year.

When it comes to classic food, New Eagle Cafe can appease any hunger hankering with indulgences that can take one back to the good old days. The family-friendly diner is home to a plethora of menu selections, ranging from all-American favorites, Asian delights and of course only the best local bites.

Find the charming New Eagle Cafe at Nimitz Center

When looking for something to fill your patriotic appetite, there’s no going wrong with a good old-fashioned beef burger. The Eagle Burger ($11.55) is a standout at the eatery that stacks a homemade patty with refreshing lettuce, onion, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and avocado with crisp strips of bacon.

Open wide and be ready to bite big as you enjoy this satiating sandwich alongside golden crinkle fries and a juicy pickle.

Eagle Burger ($11.55)

Another homey dish is Roasted Prime Rib ($23.50), which is available for dinner. Be sure to come hungry for this juicy slab because you’ll want to take in every last bit of its meaty goodness. The thick cut of protein is slow-roasted for hours then plated with mixed vegetables and customers’ choice of brown or white rice, mashed potatoes, or fries. Don’t forget about the savory au jus sauce that brings the meal pleasantly full circle.

Even if you’ve tried New Eagle Cafe before, there is still so much more to tickle taste buds with, including seafood options. Sink your teeth into popular catches like the soul-soothing Seafood Stew ($19.25) and some marvelous Miso Butterfish ($14.75, available for breakfast).

Whether a new or returning New Eagle diner, ready your forks for a comforting meal sure to hit all the right spots along with spectacular customer service provided by all of its enthusiastic and caring staff members.

Honolulu, HI 96817

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