New additions ‘spice up’ an already lovely combination of eats

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November 18, 2018

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: Genki Sushi

Furikake Fries ($2.75)

Serious chili aficionados know that rayu is a deliciously complex blend of exciting spices and subtle heat. Often served with ramen and gyoza, rayu provides an intriguing fusion of flavors that brings something new and wonderful to any dish. And as Genki Sushi proves with some truly creative menu items this month, the piquant condiment can be a spectacular topper for sushi.

Rayu Salmon ($3.75)

Made with chili oil, bits of garlic, onions, chili pepper and other seasonings, rayu tops five new sushi offerings at Genki. Seafood items include Rayu Ika, Rayu Tako, Rayu Ebi and Rayu Salmon, each simply prepared and presented with bricks of rice topped with diner’s seafood selection, onions, and crowned with a generous dollop of rayu. For Rayu Tofu, several big tofu squares are covered with delicately sliced white and green onions, then dressed with a scoop of the irresistible condiment.

Rayu Ebi ($2.75)

Prices range from $1.95 for Rayu Ika to $3.75 for Rayu Salmon at most Genki locations (Genki Sushi Ala Moana Center and neighbor island locations prices may vary).

Another standout fusion dish is Genki Sushi’s golden Furikake Fries ($2.75 at most Oahu locations, $2.95 at Ala Moana Center and neighbor island locations), which offers outstanding textures and flavors. Sesame, sugar, salt and furikake take Furikake Fries to a crispy, savory new plateau.

Chocolate Mousse Cake ($5.75)

When it’s time for dessert, Genki Sushi knows how to find your sweet spot. Try a piece of delectable Chocolate Mousse Cake — rich mousse dressed with whipped cream, cocoa powder and chocolate shavings — or Strawberry Cheese Cake (both are priced at just $5.75 per slice at most Oahu locations, $5.95 at Ala Moana Center and neighbor island locations.)

Strawberry Cheese Cake ($5.75)

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