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November 4, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Matcha Old Fashioned ($16)

Finding the ideal retreat is barely a difficult task in Waikiki, and with Waikiki Yokocho joining the mix, a trip to the beachfront stretch is even that much more enjoyable.

Situated within the popular Japanese gourmet alley is Nomu, a casual whisky bar offering a carefully chosen selection of American and Japanese whisky that, according to bar manager Jessica Laidlaw, could please even the most discerning whisky drinkers.

Pop’s Roll ($16)

Whisky prices start at $7 and cocktails at $10. A tantalizing sipper one must try is Toki Highball ($10), which is exclusively found at Nomu and is from its Suntory Toki Highball Machine installed by Suntory. “The machine blends together the purest carbonate water with Suntory’s lighter style Toki whisky,” shares Laidlaw.

A nice light drink to gulp down is Ume Shiso Mojito ($10), which boasts a pear sake base and overall lower alcohol content. Then, a Matcha Old Fashioned ($16) is the eatery’s most popular and strongest cocktail, says Laidlaw. It’s a concoction of American whiskey and Japanese green tea that is garnished with gold flakes.

Ume Shiso Mojito ($10)

In addition to these liquid lip smackers, guests can also find a variety of small plates starting at $5, like Spicy Chicken Wings, sashimi, Pop’s Roll ($16) and Kai Salad.

Stop in to Nomu any day of the week and if you find yourself there in the middle of the week, Whisky Wednesday will be sure to please. “We feature a different whisky bottle at a discounted price to enjoy and discuss with friends and our knowledgeable bartenders,” mentions Laidlaw. She encourages everyone to follow Nomu’s Instagram (@ nomuwaikiki) to keep up with the different liquor selections.

Toki Highball ($10)

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