Glory in the wondrous tastes of Japan at Kaimuki eatery

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November 11, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Sushi Platter (market price)

You don’t need to go through the hassle of getting a passport if you crave the authentic taste and experience of Japanese food — just head to Japanese Restaurant Aki in Kaimuki.

This favored spot on 11th Avenue serves traditional eats such as yakitori, nabe, sushi, sashimi and other appetizing foods. The comfy restaurant can seat about 45 patrons in style as they consume their delicious dishes.

Kushiage (two pieces per order): Cheese ($4), Asparagus ($5), Pork Belly ($6) and Quail Egg ($4)

Manager Eric Rogers explains the fish served at the restaurant is of the freshest, highest quality, and it’s flown swiftly and directly from Japan. He adds that the restaurant’s chef has years of professional cooking experience in exceptional restaurants in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Some of the delectable briny bits of joy from the sea that are a thrill for the taste buds which have been newly added to the lineup are Grilled Seafood by the piece. Options up for grabs are Oyster ($6.50), Turban Shell ($15) — a delicacy in Japan known as sazae — and Abalone ($18). Besides a treat for the mouth, the meat of each of these tender molluscs is a vision to behold as it is artfully arranged inside the shells for an elegant presentation on the diner’s plate. Rogers shares that the seafood is covered with shoyu, mirin and sake, grilled for two to three minutes and served with green onion on top.

Grilled Seafood by the piece: Oyster ($6.50), Abalone ($18) and Turban Shell ($15)

Additionally, Japanese Restaurant Aki also offers its sumptuous Sushi Platter (market price). “It tastes

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