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November 18, 2018

Story By: Adrienne Wilson |

One of Canton Seafood Restaurant’s party platter sets. File photo

Cantonese food is considered the first style of Chinese cooking that made its way over to America. It is characterized by the milder use of oil and salt with spices that preserve and bring out the Canton Seafood Restaurant 923 Keeaumoku St., Honolulu 955-3388 Daily, 10 a.m.–10 p.m. natural favors of the food instead of modifying it.

Canton Seafood Restaurant in particular, located on Keeaumoku Street, uses original yet traditional recipes that keep the dishes authentic, fresh and delicious. The restaurant has been operating on island for 15 years and has a dedicated fan base of consistent devotees, both local and international, Chinese and not.

Due to Canton Seafood’s ability to please any palate, many customers turn to the restaurant’s party platters when planning a celebration or large gathering. Customers can choose from five different sets — sets can feed about 10-12 people. All platters include nine to 10 courses like Peking duck, fried rice and dessert of the day. Platter prices range from $198 to $398.


The holiday season is the perfect reason to dive into Canton Seafood Restaurant’s $248 set party platter, which comes with seafood tofu soup, whole Peking duck, a live lobster with ginger and onions, a whole chicken, shrimp and walnuts with mayonnaise, abalone with black mushroom and vegetables, tenderloin steak with spring beans, seafood fried rice and the dessert of the day. Other party platters feature dishes like crispy garlic chicken, steamed sea bass filet, Young Chow-style fried rice and crab.

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