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October 14, 2018

Story By: Ellise Kakazu | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Chef Osusume “Shunsaizen” ($30)

Restaurant Suntory has been transporting palates to the Land of the Rising Sun since 1980.

One way the restaurant does so is by following a Japanese principle of respecting and embracing seasonal ingredients. “People (in Japan) feel like you should eat something when it’s the best, which is of course the peak of the season,” explains assistant manager Asami Saka. “It’s part of their life, to enjoy that seasonal food.”

Saka notes some fall ingredients Restaurant Suntory currently is offering are matsutake mushrooms, pumpkin and akijake, which translates to fall salmon.

Those looking to try an array of seasonal treats should go for this month’s Chef Osusume “Shunsaizen” ($30 lunch only), a colorful four-course meal that is just as exciting to look at, as it is to taste — Suntory only makes 12 of these sets per day, so it truly is a meal worth savoring. The first course presents Pumpkin Potage, Assorted Sashimi and a Succulent Chicken Salad. Next, customers can revel in Ikura Chawan-mushi, Shrimp and Nasu (eggplant) Kushi-age, and Mushroom Dobin-mushi (soup). Along with the aforementioned offerings, diners can enjoy Akijake Chazuke, which is a rice dish featuring salmon. Wrapping up this delightful meal is Honey Fruit Yogurt, a refreshing and light way to end one’s flavorful journey.

A basket of matsutake mushrooms on display.

Guests wanting to try some matsutake mushrooms are in luck, as Restaurant Suntory can prepare them in a number of ways. One can choose to have the mushrooms grilled (yaki matsutake), as a soup (dobin-mushi) or as an a la carte hot pot item. “It is one of the most popular items that represent fall in Japan,” notes Saka. “It’s very aromatic,” adds Aki Peters, managing director. “It has a very distinct flavor and smell.”

Another dining option that is sure to fill the air with enticing aromas is U.S. Wagyu Teppan Shunsaizen ($30 lunch only), which comes with Ahi Poke Salad, Pumpkin Potage Soup, Assorted Mushroom and Eggplant, Salmon, Shrimp Kaori-yaki, Thick Cut Bacon and, of course, two different cuts of spectacular U.S. wagyu beef, which are cooked in front of guests, teppanyaki style. The set also comes with rice, miso soup, tsukemono and ice cream.

Matcha Toki High Ball ($12)

While guests soak in all of Suntory’s special meals and dishes, they can sit back and enjoy a Matcha Toki High Ball ($12), a mixture of Suntory Toki Whisky, soda, green tea and lemon. Saka notes this drink is lightly sweetened and will be available until the end of November.

A regular, everyday item that always puts diners in a good mood is Suntory’s Miyazaki Wagyu Beef (starts at $83), a well-marbled, high-quality beef imported from Japan. “Wagyu is the best seller,” says Saka.

Customers also can enjoy Washoku and Teppanyaki courses, fresh sushi and sashimi, noodles and much more anytime of the year.

So no matter what season it is, guests always can rely on Restaurant Suntory to be there to brighten up their day with a delicious meal.

U.S. Wagyu Teppan Shunsaizen ($30)


Restaurant Suntory is divided into three sections — Teppanyaki room, Sushi Bar and Washoku room. When customers make reservations, they must choose a room based on the type of meal they want to enjoy. If one is in the mood for freshly grilled steaks and seafood, Teppanyaki is the way to go. And if one prefers to eat raw seafood, the Sushi Bar is the place to be. Looking for lighter, traditional courses? Choose to dine in the Washoku room.

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