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September 9, 2018

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Angus Beef Burger ($10)

As customers explore the dining possibilities that abound within Waikiki Yokocho, they will find a new restaurant has been added to the mix — SEVENDAYS.

With a collection of 14 food and beverage establishments and a lounge area arranged like a small village on Waikiki Shopping Plaza’s lower level, Waikiki Yokocho gives diners an opportunity to enjoy Japanese-style restaurants and bars all in one location.

The latest eatery to pop up at Waikiki Yokocho is SEVENDAYS, an inviting cafe that opened on Sept. 1 and serves up a fresh, healthy menu every day of the week. The cafe features everything from specialty smoothies and acai bowls to hamburgers, hot sandwiches and poke bowls. SEVENDAYS strives to only use the best and “most rejuvenating” ingredients to help guests sustain energy and live healthy lifestyles throughout the busy week.

Tropical Konjac ($8)

Guests already are raving about the homemade sandwiches available at SEVENDAYS, including the hearty Ham, Egg and Spinach Hot Sandwich ($7.50). Also popular is Angus Beef Burger ($10), which is much more robust than the typical burger.

SEVENDAYS features a line of smoothies, including Tropical Konjac ($8), which includes an Asian herb known as a weight loss and cholesterol management supplement. Chia Pudding ($5.50) is another healthy yet tasty choice that offers many benefits for the body.

Chia Pudding ($5.50)

“Come and experience the authentic look, feel and tastes of Japan here in Waikiki — with no passport necessary,” says Harold Watanabe, general manager of Waikiki Yokocho. “Our tenants here also have restaurants in Japan, so they provide a true taste of Japan. Each has its own identity and unique style and approach to food.”

Local diners are encouraged to discover the incredible value at the aromatic “alleyway” of dining destinations, as the eateries within Waikiki Yokocho offer both happy hour and kamaaina discounts throughout the day and night — these price savings are available daily throughout the year and, in many cases, can even be combined for even greater deals. Lunch specials and happy hour meals are available starting under $10 at most of the eateries. Guests are encouraged to inquire about specials and discount possibilities prior to ordering.

Ham, Egg and Spinach Hot Sandwich ($7.50)

“We are fortunate that Waikiki Yokocho continues to grow at a great pace, and we continue to see familiar faces, as many customers now make the Yokocho a regular stop with friends and family,” says Watanabe. “Customers from all over the world come to experience Waikiki Yokocho as the word continues to spread. The greatest compliments that we often hear are, ‘Wow! I feel like I’m back in Japan,’ and ‘We have to come back again to try one of the other restaurants.'”

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