Vegan Hills

Step Up to the Plate

September 30, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Anthony Consillio


Shake up the monotony of your daily meals and check out the charming Vegan Hills restaurant in Kaimuki.

Presenting guests with a super fresh dining experience, restaurant manager Solomon Kaimimoku says the eatery hosts vegan soul food that’s good for the heart and body.

“It’s comfort food, the kind you would find at your grandma or aunty’s house,” he says.

Kaimimoku also shares that Vegan Hills’ chef Megumi Odin caters to palates of all tastes, but in an especially unique way. Odin churns out tasteful and colorful creations that are similar to non-vegan food.

For instance, the menu has an item that is like the lox of bagel that normally is comprised of salmon. Instead of fish, however, Odin tops the dish with specially prepared, thinly sliced carrots. There also is a vegan calamari that uses oyster mushrooms in place of squid.

A plethora of other selections will leave diners feeling good, as most ingredients are organic and locally sourced. This is consistent with Vegan Hills’ goal to offer “delicious, healthy, fresh, natural and non-GMO vegan meals.” The company’s philosophy further stresses that eating cleaner is “most beneficial for promoting health, vitality and well-being for the body, mind and spirit.”

Those venturing into Vegan Hills for a clean, healthy meal can expect nothing short of an enjoyable dining experience.

While the restaurant may present a subtle look, Kaimimoki explains that there is a purpose to the style. “Everything inside is black and white, or gray. The food is the art. Our food is like the pieces of art that add pops of color. Our look is a little like New York chic.”

So energize your mind, body and soul by visiting Vegan Hills for breakfast, brunch (available Saturdays and Sundays) or dinner.

This way for rose

The perfect pairing to these refreshing dishes is a glass of Stolpman Vineyards Rose, which can be ordered as a bottle for $50 or by the glass for $12.

Sliced up

The avocado halves are stuffed with a pleasant tofu ricotta.

Fully loaded

The Avocado Sushi Boat is a Japanese-style open sushi topped with black sesame, brown rice, house-made almond cream sauce, thinly sliced carrots and micro greens.

Crazy for hummus

Sides include a generous spread of hummus and a wasabi-tamari sauce for extra flavor.

Think pink

Pink Floyd Salad is a vibrant presentation of organic mixed greens, pickled red cabbage and red beets, which is drizzled with Vegan Hills’ house-made almond milk French dressing.

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