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September 9, 2018

Story By: Ellise Kakazu | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Dining Out editor Ellise Kakazu starts her day with Hokulea Cafe’s Breakfast Burrito ($11).

Time is flying by at lighting speed. In just a few months, we will be waving goodbye to 2018!

It feels like I just was penning my annual “things I want to accomplish this year” list on New Year’s Eve — I only have checked about half of those boxes so far.

Before the clock strikes 2019, I want to hit all of my goals, which means I need to start every day with a quick, nutritious meal that will give me enough energy to carpe diem (Latin for seize the day).

A bowl of oatmeal filled with fruits and a dash of milk always helps me wake up in the morning, but this week I resolved to mix my routine up by biting into scrumptious wraps.

A wrap is one of the easiest and tastiest meals to enjoy on the go, and I found a few that are jump-out-of-bed good. Time is ticking, so let’s get going!


Hokulea Cafe, located in Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina, is the perfect spot for early risers. The eatery opens at 5:30 a.m. seven days a week and features picturesque ocean views.

Hokulea Cafe’s Breakfast Burritos and Honey Latte ($6.50 small, $7.50 large)

Since Hokulea Cafe overlooks the beach, bright-eyed visitors can catch the sunrise while enjoying a cup of Joe and a no-fuss bite like a panini, croissant or breakfast burrito.

Hokulea’s Breakfast Burrito ($11) is just what we goal-getters need to power our day as it is packed with energizing ingredients. There are two versions of the burrito — one with meat (usually the chicken sausage) and one without — but both versions feature bell peppers, eggs, cheddar cheese, onions, black beans and potatoes that are snuggly wrapped in a tortilla. The hefty wraps also are served with a side of fresh, house-made salsa, adding a mild kick to one’s meal.

According to Jenny Wang, assistant director of public relations, the whole experience of “having a burrito fresh in the morning, overlooking the pool and ocean” is unlike any other.

“It’s a burrito over an ocean view,” she notes.

In addition to Hokulea’s burritos, Wang suggests another great pick-me-up — Honey Latte ($6.50 small, $7.50 large). The latte features an aromatic blend of Kona coffee drizzled with Tolentino Honey Co. honey, which is harvested in the Waianae Coast. Guests also can find teas, pastries, salads and other types of coffee at the cafe.

“Coffee is really one of the highlights here,” notes Wang.

Another feature attracting customers, traveling from both near and far, is Hokulea’s inviting atmosphere.

“You pretty much feel like you are in a living room,” says Wang.

The cozy cafe presents an open seating area that expands to a spacious balcony, where guests can partake in their Hokulea goodies and indulge in the ultimate resort experience.

Hokulea Cafe closes at 5:30 p.m. every day, so if you are not an early bird, do not worry, you can get your hands on any one of the cafe’s offerings throughout the day.


Kahai Street Kitchen has been recharging hungry kamaaina with upscale plate lunches for more than a decade.

Kahai Street Kitchen’s Fresh Catch Wrap ($10.95) LAWRENCE TABUDLO PHOTO

While the beloved eatery conveniently located on Coolidge Street is known for its ono plates packed with nutrition, I happen to know Kahai also rolls out great wraps.

One of the most popular wraps is Fresh Catch Wrap ($10.95), a meal that is easy to eat and full of flavor. Head chef David Yamamoto, who has been cooking for more than 25 years, explains Fresh Catch Wrap is an Asian-fusion item that is exciting yet approachable.

“All the flavors blend well together,” says Yamamoto. “This is something different.”

Yamamoto’s dreamy masterpiece comes with a generous portion of the catch of the day, which is coated in furikake and pan seared, house-made wasabi coleslaw, tomatoes, lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumbers and mixed greens. Chef also drizzles a special wasabi aioli over the aforementioned ingredients and uses a 12-inch flour tortilla to hold the colorful components together. Customers can choose to enjoy the wrap with a side of potato mac or tossed salad.

According to Yamamoto, diners also can’t seem to get enough of Crab Crusted Mahimahi, Korean Cobb Salad and Boneless Kalbi Short Ribs.

Frequent visitors may have their favorites, but Yamamoto often is inspired to introduce specials that make them venture outside of their comfort zone.

“I just like doing what I do,” notes Yamamoto. “My goal is to create good food, and make sure my customers come in and keep them happy.”

Well, my Dining Out friend, it’s time to “wrap” things up. But before we part ways, I want to remind you to make the most of every day and keep working toward your goals — it’s not too late.

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