‘Mix’ It Up With A Smorgasbord Of Fabulous Flavor

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September 2, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Kung Pao Chicken ($9.95)

From mild to wild, Asian Mix on Beretania Street offers an astounding array of mouthwatering dishes that surely will put a smile on any customer’s face.

The eatery provides an inexpensive, quick way to satiate your ravenous appetite with the highest quality Chinese, Japanese and other popular local menu items.

Owner Daniel Leung explains Asian Mix has the same excellent quality food as larger restaurants but with more affordable prices and rapid service.

A vast majority of the orders are take-out, but a few tables are there for lunch or dinner visitors. Among the myriad of local and Asian offerings available are Chinese ala carte orders, succulent roast meat, mixed plates and steaming hearty bowls of ramen and soup. For example, Lamb with Fresh Leek and Mongolian Beef are a couple of the popular choices that patrons clamor for, says Leung.

Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($7.95)

The eatery’s cozy space is located below Safeway Beretania, featuring lots of available parking.


One of the most beloved dishes at Asian Mix is Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($7.95), which includes skinny rice noodles, shredded pork, egg, shrimp, bean sprouts, onion and green peppers stir-fried with Indian curry. Owner Daniel Leung explains the dish typically is mild but if customers want it spicier it can be adjusted to their taste. This hefty portioned item even can be shared among customers, if they so choose. Leung emphasizes that the noodles take at least a half hour of proper cooking preparation and carefully are boiled and dried to ensure they are the perfect texture. They shouldn’t be too watery, and they should be easy to chew — not tough, he says. This dish is so admired that people even order it for party trays, notes Leung.

Another popular dish among the restaurant’s patrons is Kung Pao Chicken ($9.95), a Szechuan-style dish packed with flavor. This “pao-erfully” good item features about a pound of tender, diced dark-meat chicken per order. Other ingredients include dried red chili peppers and garlic stir-fried with the eatery’s delicious special sauce. A final touch consists of the addition of crunchy peanuts mixed in with the sauce to cap off this amazing meal. Although this dish typically is served medium spicy, customers can have the spice level adjusted to their personal taste, says Leung.

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