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September 16, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Kalua Cabbage Lumpia ($1.55 each, minimum of 10 pieces per order)

The thrill of football season has arrived. And Shiro’s Saimin Haven’s catering department is the perfect place to “score” some tasty tailgating treats.

Whether for a University of Hawaii game, a hot high school matchup of fierce rivals or a potluck, Shiro’s has a variety of choices on its personalized catering menu to fire up any fan frenzy.

A few of the delicious catered items available to help you cheer on the home team are Tofu Patties ($1.75 each), Kalua Cabbage Lumpia ($1.55 each) and Fried Noodles ($59.05 large pan).

Tofu Patties ($1.75 each, minimum of 10 pieces per order)

Although the Tofu Patties and Kalua Cabbage Lumpia are priced individually, there is a minimum of 10-pieces-per-order rule and a 48-hour notice requirement customers must adhere to when placing an order.

Sizes for the pans of Fried Noodles range from extra small to extra large, feeding from 10 to 50 people. A large pan is good to feed about 35 people, says Bryce Fujimoto, Shiro’s Saimin Haven vice president.

The Tofu Patties and Kalua Cabbage Lumpia are fried up to a crispy crunch. Additionally, the lumpia rolls are served with a zesty chili pepper vinegar dipping sauce.

Shiro’s Fried Noodles are carefully boiled and then cooked in a wok. The noodles are mixed with chicken, pork, cabbage, onions and garnished with char siu, explains Fujimoto.

Fried Noodles ($59.05 large pan)

Besides its popular catering service, Shiro’s Saimin Haven operates two famed family-friendly restaurants, one in Waimalu Shopping Center and the other in Ewa Beach Shopping Center.

“Each location is different. They have their daily specials,” shares Fujimoto. They also have their own ambience. For example, the Ewa Beach eatery is a popular place for grab-and-go take-out orders, he says. Meanwhile, the Waimalu restaurant seats 122 patrons and serves as a relaxed environment for customers to sit down and eat at a leisurely pace.

Customers of both locations adore Shiro’s Saimin Haven for its home-style dishes, such as its beloved saimin, which features noodles made in-house.

Patrons also clamor for any menu item slathered with the restaurant’s luscious homemade gravy.

Looking out for the health of customers, Fujimoto explains Shiro’s has begun a transition to all natural food colorings in its dishes. Adding to that, Shiro’s uses 100 percent local ground beef in its burgers and the patties always are freshly made.

Those planning to visit Shiro’s Waimalu Shopping Center location can rejoice, as a recent renovation created 30 more parking stalls in the center’s lot, adds Fujimoto.

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