Little Village Noodle House

Step Up to the Plate

August 26, 2018

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO


While Chinatown is full of lovely eateries that satisfy a variety of palates, many patrons still find themselves entering the doors of Little Village Noodle House. Stepping into the restaurant, guests can expect to find a spacious dining area filled with wonderful Chinese cultural accents and design throughout.

Even more welcoming is the eatery’s gracious staff that is ready to serve visitors exquisite customer service and appetizing bites.

Little Village’s extensive menu offers a plethora of Asian favorites with a touch of American flair. From mild to spicy, or a fiery flame (literally), the menu will have everyone picking and choosing to no limit.

For instance, diners can order Volcano Pork Chop, a popular favorite that comes to the table lit in a volcanic fire, or classic plates such as Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, and of course various dim sum selections. The list goes on and there’s nothing on it that won’t give customers a bang for their buck.

What’s more, vegetarian options also fill the menu as the staff makes it a point to also serve light and healthy. Eggplant, mushroom, string beans, egg fu yong, tofu and so much more are ready to be cooked up and plated for a delightful meal.

Little Village Noodle House surely will take taste buds to China, and it will be one of the most memorable visits ever.

Healthy bite

Did you know that tofu is very good for you? It’s filled with protein and iron, and is low in calories.

Take two

David Chang of Little Village Noodle House says the Ma Po Tofu sauce recently has undergone a slight change — it now is more savory than sweet, which is more in line with tradition.

A nice spice

Diners can opt for a spicy or mild soup as Little Village Noodle House can tone down the burn to cater to the individual.

Slurp away

The dish’s sauce is full of flavor as it consists of spicy bean sauce, ginger and garlic.

Meat or neat?

This soupy dish can be ordered with pork or it can be served with only tofu and no meat for a straight vegetarian option.

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