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August 12, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang |


Hoy Tin Kitchen is a charming little gem that has given Liliha Street an extra boost of life in its year of business. With its enticing Chinese flavors that are cooked up for hungry patrons seven days a week, Hoy Tin proves its staying power.

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, the eatery is churning out wonderful dim sum dishes that are sure to hit just the right spot. This includes vegetarian options that the staff says make for cleaner eating and easy digestion.

Among these options is the beloved Jook soup that can be ordered as is with no protein for $6.99, with chicken or pork for $7.99, or with fish or beef for $8.99. Hoy Tin staff explains that with Kuakini Medical Center just around the corner, many patrons come in for an order of Jook as a warm and easy to eat pick-me-up for the family or friends they are visiting at the hospital — plus ordering more delectable items for themselves to consume during their family visit.

Other meatless selections include vegetable Spring Rolls ($2.85, three pieces), Mochi Rice in Lotus Leaf ($3.50, two pieces), as well as sweet treats such as Steamed Egg Custard Bun ($2.85, four pieces).

For those looking for a heftier meal, Hoy Tin boasts a menu of more than 100 items to choose from. This includes lunch and dinner specials which is a combination plate of Won Ton, Braised Pork, Sweet & Sour Spareribs, noodles and Fried Rice & Shrimp.

Stop in to Hoy Tin for the ultimate Chinese fare fix that will leave bellies happy and taste buds yearning for more the next time around.

Pork Hash

Many are used to demolishing these favored eats in just one bite. However, expect to take two or three bites, as the eatery makes its version super-sized.


This heavenly dish can be ordered without meat or with chicken (pictured), pork, fish or beef with a small upcharge for the protein add-ins.

Steamed Egg Custard Bun

A light, sweet custard awaits inside these cloud-soft buns — this is a unique treat that all ages will have fun nibbling on.

Crunch Time

Vegetable Spring Rolls and Gau Gee (pictured at top) are fried to golden perfection and go well dipped in sweet-sour sauce or hot mustard.

Mochi Rice in Lotus Leaf

Sticky rice, mushrooms and other veggies are pleasantly un-“leafed” once the outer layers of this steamed dish are removed.

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