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August 5, 2018

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Chef’s Choice 5 Kinds ($24.95)

An exciting new Japanese restaurant named Izakaya Kai recently opened its doors (Aug. 1) on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.

This awesome eatery at Waikiki Yokocho’s food hall provides a lunch and dinner menu brimming with a variety of seafood dishes, fresh island fish, and a range of traditional Japanese delights to tickle customers’ taste buds.

Tenderloin Steak & Short Rib Steak on Lava Plate ($18.95)

“Come and enjoy a true Japanese dining experience at Izakaya Kai in the Waikiki Yokocho,” shares CEO Frank Clark.

Among the lunch items are an abundant selection of donburi filled with tenderloin, teriyaki chicken and fresh island fish. Donburi is a dish with meats, fish and other ingredients served over rice. The eatery offers 15 different kinds of donburi for lunch.

KAI Deluxe Seafood Bowl ($27.95)

Also available are both hot and cold Japanese udon (a thick noodle) with a variety of toppings and flavors.

Dinner guests are presented with an izakaya-style menu, which is filled with many classic Japanese dishes that can be shared. The menu offers fresh fish items, nigiri and rolled sushi, salads and other appetizers which pair perfectly with main courses like broiled fish, a variety of tempura, udon and sizzling steak.

Along with good food, Izakaya Kai also offers choices of Japanese sake, shochu, wines, whisky, and Japanese and local beers.

Among the totally oishii (Japanese for delicious) offerings at Izakaya Kai is KAI Deluxe Seafood Bowl ($27.95), which features a mouthwatering mix of fresh local tuna, salmon, local Kona kampachi, ikura, unagi, botan ebi and kani.

Another menu item is Chef ‘s Choice 5 Kinds ($24.95), a delectable combination of local Kona aba-lone and kampachi, salmon, ikura and local tuna.

Customers also can try Tenderloin Steak & Short Rib Steak on Lava Plate ($18.95), which provides a meaty combination of short ribs and beef filet served with a hot stone plate to provide the fun of cooking at one’s table.

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