Canton Seafood Restaurant

Step Up to the Plate

July 15, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Canton Seafood Restaurant


Cantonese cuisine is known to be the first Chinese style of cooking introduced to the United States and remains a popular regional cooking choice. This type of cuisine focuses on preserving the natural flavors of food, which is something Canton Seafood Restaurant is quite good at.

The popular eatery makes it a point to avoid heavily modifying ingredients’ tastes by using less oil, as well as almost no MSG in its dishes. Canton Seafood’s cooking philosophy not only preserves flavors, it translates to healthier food.

In addition to cleaner eats, the restaurant also offers lunch specials starting at $7.99, which helps keep customers’ wallets healthy and full, too.

Along with the eatery’s affordable lunch specials, a deal worth noting is: Customers can order Canton Crispy Chicken (half) for $4.99 with the purchase of one entree.

Its extensive menu, boasting more than 100 mouthwatering items, satisfies all palates from seafood lovers and veggie eaters to meat enthusiasts.

Having held its presence in the Honolulu dining scene for a total of 15 years, Canton Seafood originally called Chinatown home until making the move in 2011 to its current location on Keeaumoku Street.

Its convenient location and plethora of options has made this restaurant a mainstay for the surrounding community and beyond. Not to mention, Canton Seafood continues to diligently and reliantly offer its Party Menu packages. There are five party menus to choose from, and each serve 10-12 people — menus start at $198.

Customers can dive into Canton’s seafood creations seven days a week.

Flavors to claw away at

The seafood delight can be prepared in a number of ways such as butter garlic (pictured here), steamed garlic, ginger and green onion, black bean sauce, and salt and pepper.


Here’s a fun fact: Researchers at the University of Maine found a way to reuse lobster shells by engineering them into biodegradable balls intended for use on cruise ships for those who would hit golf balls into the ocean. Pretty snappy, right?

A sea of noodles

Request your order to be prepped and brought out atop a bed of yi mein or look fun noodles.

Love for lobster

Hailing from the waters of Maine, this favored crustacean is cooked-to-order after a fresh dive into the eatery’s in-house lobster tank.

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