Asian Mix

Step Up to the Plate

July 8, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Anthony Consillio


Daniel Leung is the owner of Asian Mix, a quaint Honolulu eatery that, while small on the outside, packs big flavor within its sizable dishes. Leung’s drive to start his own Chinese restaurant sparked when he was living in California in the early ‘90s.

“I was in Los Angeles, and I seen a lot of dishes that they don’t do in Hawaii, because mostly here the food is based on Cantonese-style cooking,” he shares. “So I thought, it would be nice if those dishes can come to Hawaii because I really like it.”

Asian Mix’s Hong Kong-style of cooking, Leung describes, blends Chinese cooking with western ideas resulting in more presentable, healthier and cleaner eating.

After working in a few kitchens throughout Los Angeles, Leung took what he learned and brought it to Hawaii.

However, he did not do it alone. “I come back and I open a restaurant, then I look for a (partner) because I don’t feel I can handle all those jobs, so I need an experienced and good chef,” explains Leung.

After connecting with an old friend he worked with in high school, the two came to create what Asian Mix is today — a local favorite.

The establishment’s location comes with ample parking as it is in the same shopping center as Safeway on South Beretania Street. It has become a go-to spot for diners looking for quality Chinese cuisine in a fast and convenient setting.

Whether picking up food for a potluck, or a one-person meal to go, Asian Mix has something for you. The eatery offers full plates or a la carte portions ranging from duck and beef, to vegetable options, noodles and more. There also is Tea Time within the restaurant that serves drinks such as refreshing milk teas.

Filled with Flavor

All the ingredients are stir-fried to perfection and coated with a tasty, simple sauce comprised of garlic, sugar, shoyu and oyster sauce.

Got Beef?

Generous slices of beef steal the show making this dish one of the eatery’s most popular selections.

Think Green

With the green onions’ sharp taste countered by its veggie undertones, the onions serve as a main source of flavor in the dish.

Stay Fit

Bamboo shoots provide a plethora of health benefits including healthy weight loss, balanced cholesterol levels and a boosted immune system. Pair all that with its enjoyable crunch, and you’ll be one happy panda.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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