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July 8, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Tony Grillo

Items found on Camellia Buffet’s diner buffet

There are two types of diners in this world.

Those who like their food brought out already cooked to perfection, and others who enjoy taking matters into their own hands by cooking meals on a table top grill or in a hot pot.

Camellia Buffet satisfies both ends of the spectrum, as its lineup is queued with ready-made dishes as well as an array of marinated meats, seafoods and veggies ready to be fired up and cooked to one’s precise liking.

Assorted sushi (only available for dinner buffet)

Customers who lean to the latter option can cook to their hearts’ content Monday-Friday for $15.99 and $18.99 on Saturdays and Sundays ($9.99 for children any day) during lunch time.

For dinner, one can indulge in a seemingly endless amount of food for just $26.99 ($13.99 for keiki).

On a recent Dining Out visit to the yakiniku eatery, nestled within the busy Mc-Cully region of town, the buffet line showcased glorious meats such as spicy pork, teriyaki chicken and pork belly. Then on the other end sat hot pickings like spring rolls, orange chicken and tempura, just to name a few.

Soft serve ice cream with fun toppings (available for lunch and dinner buffet)

Plus, there’s even an ice cream machine with accompanying toppings that provides a sweet end to a pleasing, filling meal.

No matter what customers decide to fill up on, Camellia Buffet surely will meet every diner’s expectations.

As an added bonus, the Camellia Buffet crew advises readers to be on the constant lookout for meal coupons in Dining Out.


Camellia Buffet is the perfect hot spot to fill your Korean food cravings, as the dinner buffet ($26.99 adults, $13.99 keiki) presents many mouthwatering items such as marinated kalbi cuts, slices of beef brisket, pieces of shrimp and servings of mussel. Additionally, an endless supply of assorted banchan like kim chee and chap chae (Korean noodles) is available for the taking. Guests also can find more than just Korean favorites on the menu — Camellia offers several sushi options including inari, unagi and ahi nigiri.

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