Japanese Hospitality, Flavors Shine Through At This Eatery

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July 1, 2018

Story By: Randy Dela Cruz | Photos by: Randy Dela Cruz

Bara Chirashi ($22)

Yajima-ya Japanese and Local Cuisine offers a mix of traditional and modern, local-style Japanese fare. Diners can find anything from sashimi to hamburger steak on its vast menu.

Located on the corner of South King and Sheridan Street, the restaurant has been serving local diners tasty food for just about two years.

Now ready to tackle another challenge, original owner Tomo Ito is turning the restaurant over to Miha Fukumasa, who is looking forward to keeping the restaurant’s excellent tradition of service, hospitality and delectable dining going strong.

Fukumasa assures that when customers dine at Yajima-ya, they still will get ono, local-style meals and experience true, authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine.

Pork Katsu Don ($16)

Additionally, each diner will be presented with service that comes directly from the Land of the Rising Sun.

“I want to bring the Japanese culture in with omotenashi,” explains Fukumasa.

While there is no exact translation to the English language, omotenashi is best described as Japan’s unique approach to hospitality. “It’s like comforting the customers,” concludes Fukumasa.


A new addition to the menu is Pork Katsu Don ($16), which features crispy strips of pork, eggs and nori (dried seaweed) atop a healthy bed of steamy rice.

If you are looking for something from the sea, then you will most certainly want to dive into Bara Chirashi ($22), as this menu item comes with two types of sashimi.

Heaped over a bowl of sushi rice, you find ample chunks of hamachi and salmon, plus ikura marinated with a special in-house sauce. The delightful dish is then topped off with nori.

Each meal comes with an all-you-can-eat soup of the day from the self-serve soup counter and an assortment of kobachi (side dishes).

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