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July 1, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Spring Roll Look Fun ($5.99)

Bursts of laughter and wide smiles spanned the vast crowd that filled Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant’s sizable dining area during Dining Out‘s visit to the popular Ala Moana eatery. There wasn’t an empty table in the house.

If you’ve given Jade Dynasty a try, it comes as no surprise as to why such joy is felt with each bite into its exclusive Chinese fare. Owner Sylvia Ho makes it a point to ensure customers keep coming back for more with new menu items in constant rotation.

Stir-Fried Nagaimo, Asparagus and Black Fungus ($15.95)

For example, new seafood dishes fill up the menu such as Japanese Scallop Siu Mai ($4.95, three pieces) and Steamed Fresh Japanese Scallop with Long Rice & Garlic ($12.95, four pieces).

“The scallops are from Hokkaido,” explains Ho. “They are good because they are nice and sweet.”

And, that they are!

Beef Stew & Tendon Lo Mein ($13.95)

The scallops present a soft, sweet bite, allowing diners to fully appreciate the quality of the dish without being overwhelmed by a strong seafood taste. The long rice with scallops make for a pleasant combination, as the dish is flavored with bits of cooked garlic, shoyu and refreshing, natural juices coming from the scallops.

Both plates can be found on the dim sum menu offered daily from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Explore deeper into Jade Dynasty’s regular menu and you’ll find the perfect summer bites in Spring Roll Look Fun ($5.99) and Stir-fried Nagaimo, Asparagus & Black Fungus ($15.95).

Japanese Scallop Siu Mai ($4.95, three pieces)

Spring Roll Look Fun is a special take on the typical spring roll dish. Shrimp and vegetable rolls are deep fried to crunchy perfection then are blanketed in look fun. This results in a soft initial bite to a crisp crunch as you sink your teeth deeper into this fun-to-eat dish. Guests are encouraged to dip the rolls into the accompanying soy sauce for amplified flavor.

Also opt for the Nagaimo, Asparagus & Black Fungus that Ho shares is a rare find among Chinese restaurants. The dish, she mentions, provides many health benefits — specifically from the nagaimo (Chinese yam) — and makes for a lovely summer dish. A vegetarian option, this dish is full of texture and flavor. The black fungus provides the savory flavor, while the nagaimo gives off a light crunch and a little bit of slippery texture similar to okra. Pieces of asparagus makes for a nice offset between the two, providing familiarity and a fun munch.

Steamed Fresh Japanese Scallop with Long Rice & Garlic ($12.95, four pieces)

For meat lovers, the Beef Stew & Tendon Lo Mein ($13.95) is a more than sufficient satisfier as a generous pile of tender blocks of beef top a saucy mound of lo mein noodle.

With Independence Day just around the corner, Ho highly recommends reservations for anyone looking to fill up at Jade Dynasty before or after the Ala Moana fireworks show. Not only will your eyes receive a colorful show, your taste buds also will thank you just as much for Jade Dynasty’s explosive tastes.

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