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June 17, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

La Hiki Charcuterie Board ($24)

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a classic plate lunch to appease the daily hunger callings. But then there are other times when we like to step up our dining game a notch, throw our “pinkies up,” and break through the monotony of “the usual.”

A great place to do so is at La Hiki Kitchen located in Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina. Here, chef Simeon Hall combines the best of both worlds and presents elevated, fresh dishes without sacrificing the local flair one enjoys in a plate lunch.

“We are committed to using as many local ingredients as we can,” shares the chef. “Our mantra is ‘using local ingredients with global techniques.'”

Kahumana Farm Tartine ($18, part of the Island To Table Daily Chef’s Creation menu)

This certainly is the case, and it’s apparent with every bite you take from Hall’s creative creations.

La Hiki Charcuterie Board ($24), for example, lays out an array of flavors that will gleefully expand your foodie horizons. The patties on the board are pig souse, which, according to Hall, is a southern take on headcheese — a gelatinous cold cut made of pork. It is flavored with several spices, fresh herbs and hot sauce.

Also spotting the board is house-made Portuguese sausage from Chef’s favorite island vendor Pono Pork, and for extra taste a house-made mango vinegar is readily available in a glass carafe.

“We use overripe man-goes from Kahumana Farms along with some almost-finished white wine that we got from the bar, and we allowed it to ferment into a mango vinegar,” explains Hall.

Grain Vegetable House Made Kimchi Fried Rice ($18, part of the Island To Table Daily Chef’s Creation menu)

As part of La Hiki’s daily specials is the Island to Table Daily Chef’s Creation menu that are made fresh with products from Kahumana. While daily specials vary depending on produce availability and Chef’s taste, any dish found on this menu is sure to satisfy. For example, be on the lookout for Kahumana Farm Tartine and Grain Vegetable House Made Kimchi Fried Rice, both ($18).

“The joy of combining all of the grains and using local farm eggs using our own house-made kimchi make it very exciting to make,” says Hall about the fried rice. “That’s one of the things that we try to do is to make food that is fun to eat and also fun to make.”

Hall’s enthusiasm shines through the eatery’s dishes, making any meal that more enjoyable. And let’s not forget the gorgeous ocean and resort views that bring the dining experience full circle.

La Hiki Kitchen serves breathtaking sights and bites seven days a week.

Kapolei, HI 96707

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