Hot Spot Fills Locals With Ono Food

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June 24, 2018

Story By: Randy Dela Cruz | Photos by: Randy Dela Cruz

Chicken Paria ($10.15 dine-in

In 1969, Shiro’s Saimin-Haven opened its doors for the first time. And the hot spot has been busy ever since, serving customers delicious island-style creations.

The demand for Shiro’s opu-busting plate lunches, Hawaiian food, burgers and, of course, saimin grew to such a height that the restaurant decided to open a second location in Ewa Beach in order to provide good eats to even more locals on island.

Shiro’s Ewa Beach location draws in many area residents on a daily basis, as they can easily pick up a meal from the walk-up window or enjoy a meal in the restaurant, which comfortably seats 60 people. Like its sister location in Waimalu, the walls of Shiro’s Ewa Beach are covered with whimsical and frequently read posters of “Dear Heart” poems that were penned by Shiro Matsuo, founder of Shiro’s Saimin Haven.

Beef Tomato ($10.15 dine-in)


While most items are available at both Shiro’s Saimin Haven locations, Gavin Fujimoto, Shiro’s Saimin Haven Ewa Beach manager, says the Ewa Beach location offers meals exclusive to its location.

One such item is Chicken Paria ($10.15), a traditional and popular Filipino dish that is made with boneless chicken, ginger, tomato, round onions and paria leaves (bittermelon shoots). Served as a soup, the tasty stock is made in-house.

Chicken Paria is more of a special menu item so when it is available, customers jump at the opportunity to get their hands on the slurp-worthy dish.

Beef Tomato ($10.15) is another Ewa Beach exclusive item one should try. Made with fresh ingredients daily, Beef Tomato is a stir-fry packed with tender slices of beef, green peppers, onions and tomatoes. This item is available every day.

“It used to be a special,” says Fujimoto, “but I put it on the menu because it came so popular.”

Ewa Beach, HI 96706

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