A ‘souper’ remedy for rainy, cold weather

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May 6, 2018

Story By: Phoebe Neel | Photos by: L. TABUDLO

Barbecue Pork and Spring Rolls with Cold Rice Noodles ($13.95) FILE PHOTO

We’re not out of the woods yet with the colder season — this seemingly endless rain has made that much clear. The perfect cure for the doldrums may be a steaming bowl of oxtail pho from Fairwood Drive Inn & Pho 27 Cafe, conveniently located in Kaimuki Shopping Center on Waialae Avenue.

Oxtail pho is a delicacy known to many, and its preparation is just as difficult as it is delicious. First of all, oxtail is far more expensive than beef shank, so true oxtail pho is worthy of a higher price.

Oxtail Pho ($15.95)

Secondly, the oxtail contains more connective tissue, which tenderizes the meat and enriches the broth. However, it takes many hours of preparation best left to the professionals, like Tiffany Ko, the owner of Fairwood.

At her restaurant, it comes in a generous, heaping portion, with noodles, shiitake mushrooms, fresh ginger and a variety of other vegetables and toppings — all for $15.95. The soup is available at Pho 27 Cafe, the sit-down dining space located within Fairwood Drive Inn.

Shrimp and Fish ($12.95)

For those looking for other Vietnamese delicacies, Ko recommends Barbecue Pork and Spring Rolls with Cold Rice Noodles ($13.95). For a crisp, refreshing take on noodles, the dish is topped with fresh veggies, including sliced cucumbers, and crushed peanuts.

At Fairwood Drive Inn, which has served up Cantonese cafe-style specials for more than 20 years, one popular takeout dish is fried Shrimp and Fish ($12.95) that comes with rice and mac salad.

The menu at Fairwood Drive Inn & Pho 27 Cafe is so extensive that it contains dishes to satisfy any craving, from Chinese, to Vietnamese, to local-style food. So while the weeks of rain may stretch on, it’s good to have an excuse to tuck into a warm plate of comfort food.

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