Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant

Step Up to the Plate

April 15, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

The hustle and bustle of Chinatown in Honolulu calls to many people — those who work at the various markets and stands, those looking for fresh produce and key ingredients for their home-cooked meals, and, of course, the hungry voyagers in search of delectable bites. For patrons seeking quality dim sum and Chinese fare, the hunt ends right at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant on North King Street.

Since 2001, Golden Palace has offered diners a plethora of menu items, ranging from dim sum dishes and Hong-Kong style cuisine. It’s been a go-to place for customers to talk story over a casual meal and enjoy each other’s company; and to celebrate all the big moments, such as birthdays, holidays and graduations.

With summertime approaching, graduation parties will be on the rise with restaurants filling up with reservations, but general manager Gary Lam offers good news to Golden Palace patrons: the eatery’s revamped banquet room can accommodate 800 people and is available for bookings!

The private room, which was renovated earlier this year, can be sectioned off to please any size party, and offers a full stage, A/V system, TVs, speakers and much more, including customized party menus.

Lam says they offer custom catering menus due to the fact that everyone has a different budget or already has dishes in mind, so it’s easier to build one for them from scratch based on their needs. Make sure to call or stop by to book the room in time to toast the lucky graduate.


Diced chicken — marinated separately to keep it tender and moist — shiitake mushrooms and colorful bits of choy sum are added to the mix. General manager Gary Lam shares that the chef pays special attention to the mushrooms and dried scallops, as he marinates and cooks them down for at least two to three hours in spices, allowing the mushrooms to take in all the flavors that are ready to burst once you take a bite.


All the drippings from the delectable brown gravy and sauces sink right into the egg-fried rice, giving you further reason to dig right in. And, you can add a touch of Chinese mustard to spice things up.


Enjoy the wonderful aromas of jasmine or oolong tea, while you pour a piping hot cup of brewed perfection.


The dish, which derives from the Fukin, or Fujian (the Mandarin pronunciation), province in China that’s known for its seafood, is filled with fresh scallops and shrimps, along with dried scallops, that’ll have you hooked on this crazy good fried rice.

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