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April 1, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

KSK Style Flamed Broiled Meat Loaf ($10.25)

Find gourmet catering that meets local plate lunch fare right at Kahai Street Kitchen in Moiliili. The eatery first got its start on Kahai Street in 2006 as a catering business, but moved to its current Coolidge Street location to offer patrons mouthwatering catering and lunch entrees.

Head chef David Yamamoto adds his creative flair to the dining and catering menu, serving up delectable treats that you can only find at the restaurant, as well as specialty items that he crafts together weekly. He shares with Dining Out five upcoming specials he’s been working on that will be available for this week.

KSK Original Barbecue Brisket Clubhouse Sandwich ($10.95)

Enjoy KSK Style Flamed Broiled Meat Loaf ($10.25), featuring Kahai’s home-style baked meatloaf that’s finished on the charbroiler to add a light smoky taste. Smothered in mushroom and onion gravy, the dish is finished with a topping of bacon mashed potatoes and crispy onions.

The Kalbi Braised Boneless Short Ribs ($14.95) offers up hearty slices of tender braised short ribs in a house-made Korean sauce, garnished with namul, a vegetable dish of watercress and beansprouts.

KataifiWrapped Shrimp ($12.95)

A take on the classic clubhouse sandwich, the chef offers up KSK Original Barbecue Brisket Clubhouse Sandwich ($10.95) that adds an upgrade of braised brisket, guava barbecue sauce and jalapeno coleslaw, along with typical clubhouse fixings of bacon, tomato and lettuce, stacked and sandwiched together.

Deep Fried Cajun Swai ($9.95)

Seaworthy selections that’ll have you hooked include Deep Fried Cajun Swai ($9.95) with farm-raised swai that’s panko crusted and deep fried before receiving a dusting of Cajun seasonings, served alongside a New Orleans remoulade; and Kataifi Wrapped Shrimp ($12.95) showcasing five specialty wrapped fried shrimps with a mint infused sweet chili sauce.

Kalbi Braised Boneless Short Ribs ($14.95)

All specials — except the clubhouse, which is served with fries — are served with your choice of white or brown rice, and tossed greens or macaroni salad. Call or check out the restaurant’s website to find out weekly specials and for customized catering options.

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