A shower of springtime delights with bites

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April 15, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Waikiki Yokocho

Kaneko Hannosuke’s Hawaii Shrimp Tempura Set from Kauai ($20)

Even though Hawaii weather season chang es may not be as drastic as that on the mainland, these Pacific islands still let off its own signs that have residents adjusting to the new quarter.

With the most recent being spring, there certainly has been no shortage of April showers, and the usual “dry” southeast side of Oahu has been lush with overflowing greenery — have you seen Koko Head lately? Well if you haven’t, it’s verdant and vibrant in green dressing.

Nomu’s Kampai Premium Sake Tasting ($15)

Another telltale sign? Delicious menus that “spring” up across the state. One fine place to find such a menu is at the booming and blooming Waikiki Yokocho in Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

The cutesy “Japanese village” presents its Spring Menus as part of its Sakura Matsuri campaign — which showcases special menu items often found in Japan during this Sakura season — at its participating eateries and is available until May 29.

Beniya’s Uguisu Gozen Set ($36, for dinner only)

Cool off at Nana’s Green Tea with the Azuki Strawberry Frappe ($6) or Azuki Strawberry Shiratama Frappe ($6.20), as well as with Marion Crepes’ Sakura Crepe ($8.50); or take a load off with Sakura Shochu ($7) from Umami Teppan Kingyo, or Nomu’s Kampai Premium Sake Tasting ($15).

If you are looking for tasty fillers, opt for Beniya’s Uguisu Gozen Set ($36) or the Sakura Gozen Set ($49) — both available for dinnertime only. The sets come with an assortment of sushi, tempura, sashimi, fried fish and a main entree. Kaneko Hannosuke’s Hawaii Shrimp Tempura Set from Kauai ($20) also is a sufficient choice, as is Sizzle’s A5 Rang Wagyu Fair ($39.99).

Furthermore, Kushikatsu Bamboo Shoot ($2) from Kushikatsu Tanaka makes for a nice snack to enjoy.

Baikohken makes it easy on customers with its promotion. When guests order ramen, those wearing clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry or tattoos with flowers as part of the design get one topping free.

Finally, don’t miss entering the gourmet alley’s photo contest for your chance to receive a Waikiki Yokocho T-shirt by 88 Tees. Visit its website for more details.

With springtime in full effect, don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy these pleasing deals.

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