More Than Just ‘Big Apple’ Pizza

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April 8, 2018

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Aglio Olio Chicken Pasta ($8.95)

By Jack Danilewicz

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. burst onto the local food scene like a meteor in January 2017, when it opened for business and began providing Hawaii residents with the company’s take on New York-styled pizza.

While there can be no doubt the eatery’s pizzas are often favored among its other selections, the menu also builds momentum elsewhere.

Also to be accounted for at Yellow Cab (whose sister company is neighbor Max’s of Manila restaurant) are Aglio Olio Chicken Pasta ($8.95), Quinoa and Feta Cheese Salad ($8.75), Barbecue Wings ($6.75) and the Margherita pizza ($9.95), which is one of three craft pizzas among Yellow Cab’s offerings, along with Jalapeno and Pepperoni ($8.95) and Prosciutto Ham and Herb Cheese ($9.95) pizzas.

Barbecue Wings ($6.75)

Yellow Cab’s craft pizzas, which general manager Maly San Luis refers to as the “step-brother” of the eatery’s more weighty specialty pizzas, feature a thinner crust with a crunch to go with the company’s signature sauces and toppings.

“Thinner and simpler” is the way San Luis describes her own personal favorite, the Prosciutto Ham and Herb Cheese. Simpler fare does not mean less savory, however.

Couples may gravitate toward the My Mix deal for $25, which includes a 10-inch Classic Pizza, a Classic Pasta, Wings and two glasses of soda. (Upgrades to a Specialty Pizza and Seafood Pasta are available.)

Margherita pizza ($9.95)

Yellow Cab Pizza Co., whose original location was opened in 2001 in the Philippines, also rolls out party packages equipped to cover groups of 10 as well as a catering menu geared for gatherings of five to seven people.

As an added bonus, you can have it all delivered by way of Bite Squad, Grub-Hub or Uber Eats.


Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s craft pizzas are perhaps ideally suited to the lunch crowd, given that the portions are made to be more manageable for one at midday. Lightening up your lunch portion-wise won’t come at the expense of not coming away satisfied — not at Yellow Cab, that is.

Visitors to the restaurant have three options when choosing a craft pizza — the Margherita ($9.95), the Jalapeno and Pepperoni ($8.95) and the Prosciutto Ham and Herb Cheese ($9.95).

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