Morton’s The Steakhouse

Step Up to the Plate

March 4, 2018

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

On an island famed for its fresh fish and seafood selection, steak houses really have to measure up to stand out in the local dining scene. And at the top of that list of carnivorous eateries shines Morton’s The Steakhouse.

This is not to say that Morton’s doesn’t also offer a stellar list of seafood items, because it does, but it’s no secret that most diners come to the longstanding Ala Moana Center establishment for its world-class steak — and for good reason.

Morton’s only serves USDA Prime beef, including top-notch choices such as New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse and Ribeye, as well as lamb, pork and chicken selections.

Take your meaty meal to the next level with delectable seafood and any one — or two — of Morton’s sides, including Creamed Spinach, Jumbo Baked Potato, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts and more.

Match this feast-worthy menu with excellent service and unforgettable drinks, and you’ll never want to leave.

Good to the Bone

It’s no secret that meat closest to the bone packs the most flavor, which is why the bone-in Tomahawk steak is at the top of Morton’s favorites list.

‘Ribeye’ on the Prize

This selection presents 32 ounces of certified Angus beef, including a well-marbled ribeye at its center and delicious ribeye cap (or deckle), which wraps lovingly around one side of the steak.

Go Big

The 2-inch thick Tomahawk is grilled to perfection and is perfect for sharing — unless you don’t want to.

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