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March 11, 2018

Story By: Phoebe Neel | Photos by: Kozo Sushi

Ramen with Char Siu ($5)

There’s no doubt about it: Ramen is having a culinary renaissance in America. The heaping bowls of savory broth, toothsome noodles and variable toppings have captured the hearts and minds of a nation that previously only associated ramen with Cup Noodles.

Due to its close ties with Japan, Hawaii has always boasted some of the best, but often pricey, ramen restaurants in the U.S. Ramen in Hawaii often runs at least $11-$16 a bowl, with prices creeping up to the $20 range at top-shelf restaurants. Here to change that is Kozo Sushi, which has introduced an “everyman’s” ramen for only $5 at its Keeamoku location.

Ramen with Shrimp Tempura ($5)

Famed for its sushi, Kozo Sushi, is in fact a Japanese “fast food” restaurant offering fresh sushi, poke, donburi, party platters and more at very reasonable prices.

“Ramen is usually very affordable in Japan, and we wanted people in Hawaii to experience the same affordable price,” notes Kyle Higashide, store manager of the Keeaumoku location. “Our soup base is our own original and has a seafood base with a dash of tonkotsu and shoyu soup.”

The exterior of Kozo Sushi’s Keeaumoku location L. TABUDLO PHOTO

Currently, the ramen is only available at the Keeaumoku location, with possible future expansion to other locations.

The base of the soup is a savory shoyu broth, and the bowls come with green onion and bamboo shoot garnishes. As for the main bite, Kozo Sushi now offers Ramen with Shrimp Tempura, with plans to serve Ramen with Char Siu in the future.”Not many people have heard of tempura as a topping for ramen,” says Higashide, “but it is popular in certain prefectures in Hokkaido. People tell us it goes well with the soup.”

At last, it’s possible to have authentic Japanese ramen — at an unbeatable price.

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