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March 4, 2018

Story By: Phoebe Neel | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Oyster Sauce Chicken with cake noodle ($8.99)

Hoy Tin Kitchen is a local institution on Liliha Street — for 40 years, its low prices and bountiful helpings have made it a favorite for folks maximizing time and money. In addition to more traditional dishes, Hoy Tin Kitchen specializes in local takes on Cantonese and Chinese dishes.

One of the most popular items on the menu is Gon Lo Mein ($7.99), the well-loved, pan-fried noodle dish particular to Hawaii. Soft, toothsome noodles are decorated with barbecued pork char siu, and an abundance of vegetables like carrots and cabbage.

General manager Lin Fan serves classic local-style dishes at Hoy Tin Kitchen.

With the Year of the Dog now underway, according to Chinese New Year tradition, it’s a good time to eat noodles, as their length symbolizes a long, healthy life.

Another local favorite featuring noodles is Oyster Sauce Chicken ($7.99), in which crispy chicken is drizzled with oyster sauce atop a bed of succulent noodles. Naturally, there’s always the option to add crispy fried cake noodle for $1.

Gon Lo Mein ($7.99).S. KIM PHOTO

While both meals are hearty hometown favorites, Hoy Tin Kitchen’s new ownership is looking to update the health options of the menu.

“We are experimenting with cooking food with less oil,” says general manager Lin Fan. “It’s important to us to order good quality meat and fresh vegetables — sometimes, the cabbage we buy is even more expensive than our chicken!”

However, don’t be concerned that health consciousness will diminish taste. Hoy Tin Kitchen remains a stalwart option for affordable, satisfying takeout and quick meals for those in the neighborhood.

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