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February 11, 2018

Story By: Ellise Kakazu |

Pork Chop Sizzling Platter ($12.95) A. CONSILLIO PHOTO

Fairwood Drive Inn & Pho 27 Cafe is a one-stop shop for many families, as the eatery serves Vietnamese and Chinese fare, as well as Hong Kongand local-style cuisine, all under one roof. The eclectic restaurant truly offers something everyone can enjoy.

Specifically from Fairwood Drive Inn’s side, which takes on a more casual, take-out atmosphere, customers can indulge in items like Loco Moco, Wonton Soup, Mapo Tofu with Pork, and Barbecue Cheeseburger.

Fish and Shrimp rice plate ($11.95) L. TABUDLO PHOTO

Along with Fairwood’s variety of menu options, owner Tiffany Ko notes that customers can expect their food to be fresh and always made to order.

One dish sure to arrive at the table delectably hot is Pork Chop Sizzling Platter ($12.95), which features a generous portion of grilled pork chops, tomato, broccoli, and french fries or steamed rice, served on a sizzling plate. The dish also comes with a delicious sauce (choose from onion, tomato or black pepper) on the side. Diners are encouraged to pour the sauce over the pork for extra flavor.

Jai ($10.25 with rice; $10.75 a la carte)

For those looking for lighter fare, keep your eye on Jai ($10.25 with rice; $10.75 a la carte). The dish is the perfect combination of black mushrooms, fungus, lily flowers, tofu, long rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, snow peas and bean curd. According to Ko, Jai requires a lot of work because there are many elements in the dish. She also explains that it’s very healthy with no added MSG or food coloring.

And if you love seafood, you’re in luck, as another customer favorite is Fish and Shrimp rice plate ($11.95). Along with rice and mac salad, the dish offers fried shrimp and battered fish, both of which are nice and crispy.

With delicious and fresh food at affordable prices, visiting Fairwood Drive Inn & Pho 27 Cafe is a must.

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