Set the ‘Stage’ with divine fare

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February 25, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Shiso Cured Lox ($12)

While all the world may be a “stage,” according to William Shakespeare, and all people “merely players,” there comes a time to yell, “Cut!” and take a break — especially to eat.

One eatery that is taking over the show is Stage Restaurant in Honolulu Design Center. Many can agree that both the restaurant’s contemporary and abstract setting, as well as its colorful and tasty fare, keep guests anticipating the next act to come.

Despacito ($13)

In addition to its restaurant side, Stage also boasts the illuminating Amuse Wine Bar that really beefs up the style of the ambiance and gets the night going with specialty cocktails and satiating cuisine.

Start off with small bites that are available at both Stage and Amuse, such as Shiso Cured Lox ($12) and Patatas Bravas ($8). The first item includes cured lox in a picturesque dish that appeals to both eyes and taste buds, stacked up with Spanish onions, ikura and shiso creme atop toasted ciabatta and a side of yuzu-dill vinaigrette.

Patatas Bravas ($8)

“Thomas Sorenson, our owner, is originally from Denmark, and salmon gravlaks (or gravlax) is a classic Nordic dish containing cured salmon and dill,” explains Wesley Inoshita, director of guest relations at Stage. “Our executive chef, Ron de Guzman, takes this concept and influences the flavor with Asian ingredients.”

Patatas Bravas, on the other hand, is a crisp potato dish commonly found in Spain at tapas bars. “With our world-inspired, local theme, Chef Ron uses togarashi, tobiko and katsuobushi to put a local flair on the dish,” shares Inoshita.

Plus, stick around for the big finale. Despacito ($13) dessert by Stage’s pastry chef, Cainan Sabey, is inspired by Mexican cuisine. It is comprised of tres leches cotton cheesecake, caramel sauce, house-made roasted corn ice cream and Margarita coulis, and other sweet and savory flavors.

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