New menu items arrive at Japanese eatery

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February 18, 2018

Story By: Stephanie Kim | Photos by: BODIE COLLINS

Vegetarian Chirashi ($18)

Step into Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe and be immediately transported to a tranquil getaway reminiscent of the world-famous Tsukiji Market in Japan, one of the inspirations behind the eatery.

Since opening in 2011, the restaurant continues to flourish with an abundance of authentic Japanese cuisine, including sushi, donburi and teishoku items. Additionally, there are a number of new dishes making their way to Sakura Terrace, with a few debuting today.

Party Chirashi ($20, takeout only)

General manager Daisuke Arai shared with Dining Out brand-new additions to the menu that are sure to appease all appetites, especially the veggie-lovers.

Sakura Style U Tofu Seafood Pot with Hamachi ($24.50) features homemade tofu with garnishes of watercress, enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, scallions, bamboo shoots, bonito broth and two slices of fresh hamachi. Guests turn on the pot filled with silky, soft tofu and welcome in the aroma of grated ginger, green onions and bonito flake toppings, which you can sprinkle on, plus ponzu on the side. There also is an appetizer version of just the tofu, Sakura Style U Tofu ($9.50), a treat you can share with others at the table.

Sakura Style U Tofu Seafood Pot with Hamachi ($24.50)

Vegetarian Chirashi ($18), a health-conscience, vegetarian alternative that features a garden-fresh bowl of shredded radish, cucumber and avocado slices, pickled burdock, sticky yam, kanpyo (or gourd), shiitake mushroom, red ginger, daikon sprouts and ume atop Japan-imported sushi rice — all served with miso soup, pickles, a small side dish and mini salad.

Sakura Style U Tofu Seafood Pot with Hamachi

Additionally, be the life of the party by picking up a Party Chirashi ($20), which is available for takeout only. It’s the perfect addition to any small gathering as it bursts with flavors of unagi, boiled shrimp, masago, kanpyo, shiitake mushrooms and more. Order at least 20 minutes in advance to enjoy this delightful dish for any occasion.

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