Rolling into the new year with ono sushi

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January 7, 2018

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: KOZO SUSHI

Dragon Don ($8.25)

While it’s already one week into the new year, the celebration is far from “don” at Kozo Sushi, where its faithful menu continues to roll out classic and new favorites daily. From rolls to bowls, this little eatery offers big taste for all appetites.

Get fired up with a hefty order of Dragon Don ($8.25). Spicy ahi topped with masago gives a fiery appeal to this dish, concealing crisp strips of shrimp tempura below. Everything is served atop a steamy bed of rice.

Dynamite Maki ($8.25)

Continue to kick the spice levels up and sink your teeth into the establishment’s bold Spicy Ahi Natto Don ($8.25).

A mound of natto, or Japanese fermented beans, rests upon a sleek spread of spicy ahi, while crunchy wonton strips scatter the perimeter of the bowl and serve as a nice complement to offset the smooth textures of the other ingredients.

For a change of pace, or even as a partner to any pick of the select donburi, order Kozo’s Dynamite Maki ($8.25). Shrimp tempura, refreshing cucumbers and lettuce spiral comfortably in a nori and rice blanket. To top it all off are crumbs of barbecue potato chips, ground spicy ahi, teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo, to make for an enjoyable and oishii (delicious) sushi experience.

Spicy Ahi Natto Don ($8.25)

What started as a humble eatery in Japan that was somewhere in between an okazuya and an upscale sushi bar, Kozo Sushi has since expanded to several locations across Oahu serving up quality food at affordable prices.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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