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December 3, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

Sashimi Platter from the banquet menu

Everyone in Hawaii has seen a destination wedding in the works, with elated couples posing for photos on the beaches of Waikiki and Ala Moana, while the tropical sun sets behind them.

Although island weddings have become commonplace for kamaaina, when you stop and think about it, Hawaii truly is the ideal location to get married and celebrate life’s other milestones. This is where Waikiki Beach Resort can help.

Sauteed Seafood Medley

Not only does the hotel provide its expert services for your big day — and miniature days, including birthday parties, work events, holiday gatherings, etc. — but the Waikiki establishment also offers unbeatable and affordable banquet menus and catering from its two on-site restaurants: Seoul Jung and Ilima Cafe.

Seoul Jung, Waikiki Resort Hotel’s upscale Korean restaurant, offers yakiniku, as well as traditional items such as soft tofu soup, galbi (or kalbi), seafood pancake, cold buckwheat noodle soup and more; while Ilima Cafe serves up American and local-style fare for breakfast and lunch.

From the banquet menu: Galbi, Barbecue Chicken and Sauteed Seafood Medley

“We are able to offer a variety (of food) because we have two kitchens,” reiterates Ingrid “Pohai” Carlos, the hotel’s assistant food and beverage manager, who also handles events. “Although (Seoul Jung) is an authentic Korean restaurant, our banquet menus suit all cultures, and all people will enjoy it — (including) locals and those from afar.”

Waikiki Resort Hotel wants to emphasize that it is very much for the local community.

“We can cater to all events and all types of people. If you share with us what your needs are, then we can put together something that suits you and your guests,” says Carlos, who has a background in event decor and design. “That’s what makes us unique; we can customize things — from the theme all the way down to what you’re eating.”

Waikiki Resort Hotel is able to coordinate all events, including weddings. Photo courtesy Waikiki Resort Hotel

It’s true — the events team is flexible and able to accommodate your specific dining requests. For instance, if you want food items from one banquet menu, and certain dishes from another, Carlos assures that her team can make it happen.

At a recent event held in Waikiki Resort Hotel’s Lehua Room — one of two special event spaces available to patrons — the buffet spread included a gargantuan sashimi platter, galbi, japchae, barbecue chicken, a table of ban chan (or traditional Korean side dishes) and so much more.

For weddings, Carlos says that the Orchid Room can hold 50 people — perfect for ceremonies — and the Lehua Room up to 250 guests for receptions.

“We keep up with the latest wedding trends,” Carlos says. “We assist you with design and decor, and you can even order your flowers and everything from us.

“Basically, we help you from A to Z,” she adds. “You come in and share with us your vision for your special event, and we help you bring that to life.”

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