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December 3, 2017

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

The editor warms up at Kahala Mall with GRYLT’s Potato Leek Soup.

When raindrops are pitter-pattering outside your window and the chill of the season sends shivers down your spine, there’s only one thing to do: Grab your spoon and cozy up to a bowl of hot soup.

Better than a fuzzy blanket, freshly made soup, with steam rising and all, will warm you right down to your soul — which is why Ono, You Know couldn’t let one more minute of the coziest season of the year go by without sharing some fabulous soup recommendations. And whether you like your soup made with traditional flavors or creative spins, thick and creamy or nice and light, there’s a sensational sip for you on these pages.


There’s no denying that Christmas is in the air. I recently stopped by Kahala Mall, and the sound of school children caroling on the main stage grew louder as I approached the famously tall poinsettia tree that marks the arrival of the holidays each year. Already filled with a sense of holiday cheer, there was only one thing that could warm my soul even more — a bowl of seasonal soup from GRYLT.

Potato and Leek Soup ($3.82 bowl); pictured with half a roll (additional fee for roll)

Really, what’s not to love about GRYLT’s rotating selection of soups? True to the eatery’s concept of offering healthy, delicious fare in a takeout setting, these soups are made from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients — and did I mention they overflow with flavor?

According to corporate chef Jose Arias, each of GRYLT’s three locations — in Kahala Mall, Ala Moana Center and Kailua Shopping Center — features its own fresh soup selections. Store managers are encouraged to build upon traditional soup-making techniques with their own creative flavor combinations. Some popular recipes as of late have been coconut cauliflower soup, salmon sweet potato chowder, an enriching consomme, and even a French onion soup made with Guinness.

GRYLT’s soups are made from scratch and ready to devour.

When I visited the Kahala location, a fresh Vichyssoise, or Potato Leek Soup, was hearty and comforting without being too heavy, and the finishing touches of brown butter and roasted leeks were superb.

Arias adds that GRYLT caters to all palates, with many vegetarian and gluten-free soup options in the mix. Soups a la carte are priced at $2.86 for a cup and $3.82 for a bowl, or you can add them to any meal ($2.15 for a cup and $3.10 for a bowl). And for a little extra goodness, add a fresh roll for a small additional fee.


If soup is the perfect comfort food during winter, then why not go to a haven of all-American classics — the ultimate in soul-soothing fare — to get it?

Ruby Tuesday’s Roasted Tomato soup ($5.99) LAWRENCE TABUDLO PHOTO

You can do just that when you spend your next meal at Ruby Tuesday. In no time, you’ll be munching away on juicy ribs, savory burgers and satisfying pastas, all of which are perfect accompaniments to the restaurant’s steamy soups.

Ruby Tuesday recently updated its soup menu, now offering customers two mouth-watering selections: Garden Vegetable with Kale, and Roasted Tomato ($5.99 each).

Ruby Tuesday’s Garden Vegetable with Kale soup ($5.99) LAWRENCE TABUDLO PHOTO

Manager Ivan Ho says that patrons have fallen head over heals for the Roasted Tomato option, which satisfies with house-baked croutons and melted strands of shredded cheddar. Ho’s personal favorite, however, is the Garden Vegetable with

Kale, a light and healthy concoction filled with corn, black beans, celery, green peas, edamame, bell peppers, zucchini — and, of course, freshly chopped kale that perfectly softens as it heats up in the soup.

When I stopped by a few days ago, it was impossible to choose between the two; both are ideal for soup-lovers.

Guests may opt for the Garden Bar & Bowl of Soup combo, which gives guests all-you-can-eat access to the salad bar for just $15.79. On that note, Ruby Tuesday is famous for its garden bar, which allows customers to build their own salads using fresh greens, crisp vegetables, a selection of cheeses and toppings, house croutons and dressings galore.

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