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December 24, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: GENKI SUSHI


While the holidays are full of colorful lights and festive decorations, Genki Sushi offers its own tasty color palette that diners can enjoy year-round.

The ever-popular and amusing dining experience presents its dishes on color-coded plates that are brought out on a revolving conveyor belt or via its exclusive Bullet Express food train. Classic, new and creative favorites come out on either a yellow, green, red, gray or black plate — with yellow costing the least and black the most. (Prices vary by location but range between $1 and $6.)

Crunchy Roll. R. DELA CRUZ PHOTO

With the “chillier” conditions that Hawaii’s winter has brought, Genki Sushi has the perfect dishes to warm up to. “Beef” up your dining experience with Udon Beef Bowl — udon noodles swim in a soothing broth with a satisfying serving of sukiyaki beef piled on top. Or give your taste buds a Beef Bowl that is served atop a steamy bed of white rice.

Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu is another old-time favorite that satisfies every time. Dip the crisp and tender chicken in your choice of katsu sauce or go bold with a spread of wasabi to up the ante and flavor — you may even consider doing both!

Beef Bowl

Finally, among Genki’s many options of sushi rolls and seafood, the Crunchy Roll is a winning option that certainly lives up to its name. Your jolly bellies will thank you as you consume shredded crab, shrimp tempura and avocado perfectly rolled up in nori and rice, sprinkled with tempura crisps on the outside and drizzled with savory tempura sauce.

Stop in to Genki Sushi for a joyous holiday meal that is sure to fill up every person of your party. Also, with the holidays in full swing, show your appreciation and love to the special friends, family and acquaintances in your life with a Genki Sushi gift certificate that will leave them “rolling” for more.

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