Falling For Seasonal Flavors, Thanksgiving Treats

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November 19, 2017

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

(Clockwise, from top left) Cinnamon Sticks (99 cents apiece), Pumpkin Spice Cake Donuts ($2.50 apiece), Pumpkin Coffee Cake Squares ($2 each)

As local families and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, Nov. 23, Napoleon’s Bakery is poised to provide delicious pies and an array of appropriately themed dessert items that are sure to impress and satisfy many a craving at holiday get-togethers.

Fittingly, pumpkin is utilized to perfection throughout the bakery’s featured items, which are sure to create a buzz around any autumnal celebration’s table and are available throughout November. In addition to the traditional mainstay, Pumpkin Pie ($10.50, available daily throughout the year), guests may indulge in “Flavors of the Month.” Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($10.95), for instance, offers a tasty twist on the traditional pumpkin pie by featuring a light and creamy texture that chiffon pie is known for. Customers also may make it “Pie Time” in November with Pumpkin Crunch Pie ($10.60) and Pumpkin Pie made with Equal Sweetener ($13.50).

Server Shepherd Aliifua showcases Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($10.95) and Pumpkin Crunch Pie ($10.60)

Napoleon’s Bakery is rolling out its tantalizing Pumpkin Cheesecake ($19.95), the brand-new Pumpkin Spice Cake Donut ($2.50 apiece) and Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square ($2 each) as well, the latter of which offers diners the great taste of moist pumpkin cake that is accented with cream cheese filling and topped with streusel crumbs. These seasonal flavors also are available through Nov. 30, and as a reminder, prices may vary by location.

“We have a solid following from our loyal customers who want a delicious pie that tastes like it’s homemade. In time for the Thanksgiving/fall season, everything revolves around pumpkin,” says Jan Tsukazaki, general manager of Napoleon’s Bakery. “We offer that consistent, fresh-baked, homemade flavor and have the advantage of so many locations so one doesn’t need to drive far to get their favorite items. Everyone is on the ‘pumpkin spice train,’ and it’s a great fall flavor.”

(Clockwise, from top left) Haupia Chocolate Cake ($17 for 8-inch), Dream Cake ($12.75 for 6-inch), Dobash Cake ($14.40 for 8-inch), Chantilly Cake ($13.55 for 6-inch)

Those who prefer cakes over pies (or alongside them!) are in luck, as Napoleon’s Bakery offers a wide range of options, including Chantilly Cake ($19.95 for 8-inch cake, $13.55 for 6-inch cake) and Dobash Cake ($14.40 for 8-inch cake, $9.80 for 6-inch cake). “Sweet dreams” also are fulfilled with Dream Cake ($18.75 for 8-inch cake, $12.75 for 6-inch cake) and Haupia Chocolate Cake ($17 for an 8-inch cake).

Napoleon’s continues to serve up classic pie selections available throughout the year, such as Custard Pie ($10.50), Apple Pie ($10.85), Strawberry Gelatin Cream Pie ($9.90) and Banana Cream Pie ($11.30). These “pie-licious” choices also serve as ideal options for supplementing one’s Thanksgiving dessert lineup, as well as making for superb dessert options any time of day.

(Clockwise, from top left) Pumpkin Pie ($10.50), Pumpkin Pie made with Equal Sweetener ($13.50), Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($10.95), Custard Pie ($10.50), Pumpkin Crunch Pie ($10.60)

As a special Inside Scoop for Dining Out readers, customers can try the new, flaky Cinnamon Sticks available now at Napoleon’s Bakery for just 99 cents apiece. These delicious treats are similar to turnovers with flaky, buttery dough. They feature a cinnamon glaze, as well as a second glazing after the sticks have been baked to perfection.

“We’re currently gauging the public’s interest in our new Cinnamon Sticks, and some stores are already selling them like hot cakes!” Tsukazaki says.


Napoleon’s Bakery continues to add new items to its arsenal of delicious treats, and just in time for the holiday season, too. Stop in and pick up a piece of the brand-new Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding ($1.95 per piece). The decadent dessert includes tasty Craisins and makes for a great pick-me-up snack throughout the day. As Napoleon’s Bakery general manager Jan Tsukazaki recommends: “Stop by and pick up a piece before preparing your holiday meal, as this special bread pudding is available through the end of the year.”

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