Ninja Sushi

Step Up to the Plate

November 5, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |


There’s been a shift in the sushi trend over the years.

What were once delicate and simple raw-fish offerings in Japan have transitioned to ingredient-packed rolls made with colorful sauces, and creative names to match, that are popular around the world.

One of the eateries responsible for expanding this tasty movement in Hawaii is Ninja Sushi. With 10 locations islandwide, the franchise presents sushi in a fast food-like setting, without skimping on selection and quality.

“The atmosphere of our restaurants can be described as contemporary yet casual,” says Jeff Tsuzuki, president of Ninja Sushi. “We strive to use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to create a menu that is natural, healthy, tasty and affordable.”

Just glimpsing at the list of sushi makimono — which means horizontal hand scrolls in Japanese — is enough to draw you in with names like Dynamite Maki, Superman Maki, Tornado Maki, T-dragon Maki and Lion Maki. These ornate sushi creations — which do, in fact, resemble edible versions of scrolls — combine sushi rice and nori with varieties of raw, fried and cooked ingredients. And instead of shoyu and wasabi, Ninja Sushi tops each roll with a blend of umami-rich sauces.

“We make most of our sauces from scratch,” says Tsuzuki, pointing out that spicy, sweet and savory options are available. “This gives our food a unique taste that’s difficult to imitate.”

He adds that Ninja also serves nigiri and hand rolls, among other offerings, including a keiki menu. “In addition to sushi, we offer bentos, donburi, udon and salads.”

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