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October 22, 2017

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Takoyaki (three pieces for $3.35)

Known for its hand-crafted nigiri, gunkan and hand-rolled sushi, Genki Sushi has something for everyone, thanks to its extensive menu. And, with the addition of several new items, customers are sure to appreciate the restaurant’s ever-evolving menu.

For starters, Chicken Katsu ($4.35) is a newer menu item that has already gained popularity with diners, says David Moon, purchasing director/operations manager. It features delicious chicken strips that are breaded with panko and fried to perfection. Sukiyaki is becoming a customer favorite as well, and it’s available as a beef bowl with rice ($4.35) or over udon ($4.35).

Sukiyaki Bowl ($4.35)

“Everybody has a sukiyaki bowl, so ours is doing great,” Moon says. “Since our sukiyaki is new, it’s getting popular, so we made an udon bowl out of it. We’re trying to incorporate local tastes (into our menu).”

Other newer items are Takoyaki (three pieces for $3.35), Vegetable Gyoza ($2.75), Kanpyo Maki ($1.90) and Natto Maki ($1.90).

Sukiyaki Udon ($4.35)

“The Vegetable Gyoza is something we haven’t done before,” Moon says. “It has a vegetable filling; we’ll see if it works well. People like natto — they always commented that they wanted a natto maki — so we added that to the menu as well.”

Besides these new offerings, each Genki Sushi restaurant boasts its own location-specific specials. The Waikele location offers Chawan Mushi ($5.35) — a traditional Japanese appetizer featuring steamed, savory egg custard, kanikama, mushrooms and bay shrimp — and Spicy Tuna/Ahi Poke Wonton ($5.35), comprising crispy, fried wonton chips topped with fresh ahi poke and spicy tuna and drizzled with unagi and sweet chili sauces.

Chicken Katsu ($4.35)

Many of the newer Genki Sushi restaurants have both the conveyor-belt delivery system — known as kaiten, or “revolving,” sushi — and the Bullet Express, a modern, interactive way of ordering. Instead of calling on a waiter, diners can place their orders on iPad touchscreen menus. They don’t need to wait long for the food to come, either — trains, surfboards, space shuttles and race cars zoom by within minutes to deliver plates to each table. As the older stores are renovated, the Bullet Express rail systems will replace kaiten conveyor belts, Moon says.

“Everything will eventually be replaced by the Express option,” he confirms. “The younger generation really likes it. We’re actually the only location in the U.S. that has the Express option; all other sushi places still have service and kaiten belts.”

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