Seoul Jung

Step Up to the Plate

October 15, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |


Korean food is one of the many cuisines that have been adopted into the local culture here on the Islands. With spicier bites of kimchi and bubbling stews, as well as seemingly never-ending banchan, or side dishes, Korean fare holds a special place in the hearts of Hawaii’s kamaaina.

And while dishes from these adopted cuisines are often converted from traditional versions to local renditions, there are some institutions that wholeheartedly preserve original recipes and cooking methods. One such establishment is Seoul Jung in Waikiki Resort Hotel.

Serving authentic Korean cuisine, the restaurant, which is tucked inside the cozy hotel off Koa Avenue, offers diners — and even wedding parties — classic items such as japchae, mandoo, kalbi (or galbi) and Korean barbecue, bibimbap, soft tofu soup and so much more.

And, yes, Seoul Jung can cater wedding receptions and ceremonies with a unique buffet spread served at the restaurant. “What sets us apart from other hotels is our unique ability to offer a wonderful Korean Buffet or menu for any banquet or wedding event,” says Pohai Carlos, assistant food and beverage/events manager at Waikiki Resort Hotel.

“The restaurant is a hidden gem. We invite you to our restaurant and hope our delicious food will transport you to Korea!” she adds.

Light As Air

The star ingredient of the soup is the silky, extra-soft tofu (sundubu), which is delicately added in at the last possible moment. The tofu soaks up the flavorful broth and dissolves deliciously on the tongue.

Spice It Up!

The not-too-spicy and savory broth takes on a beautiful red color from gochujang, or Korean chili paste, and is enhanced with the faintest hint of seafood flavors.

Ono Addiction

The recipe calls for seasonal vegetables and a handful of perfectly cooked clams, shrimp and squid.

A Rock-Solid Choice

Seoul Jung prepares the dish “a la minute,” or made to order, according to Carlos, and is served in a traditional heated stone bowl to keep the soup hot and simmering until the very last bite.

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