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October 22, 2017

Story By: Maria Kanai | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Pumpkin fried rice

It’s a fact: Delicious food brings people together, and this is especially true on holidays like Thanksgiving. This year, the traditional turkey-centric fare gets a deliciously Chinese twist at Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. Located at Ala Moana Center’s Hookipa Terrace, the restaurant offers two Thanksgiving set menus, exclusively available from Nov. 23 to 26 with a three-day advance order.

Thanksgiving spread for restaurant dining set menu ($328)

The first Thanksgiving menu offers a decadent and generous meal that will feed up to 10 people and is priced at $328. There’s roasted turkey, fried shrimp ball appetizers, shrimp steamed with garlic on a bed of look funn noodles, sweet potato greens, pumpkin fried rice, and pumpkin mochi. The smaller, second set is a take-out feast that you can bring home to family and friends. It is $188 and includes roasted turkey, poached Kahuku shrimp and pumpkin fried rice.

Roasted turkey, sweet potato greens and pumpkin fried rice

General manager Gary Chan says his favorite dish from the set menus is the pumpkin fried rice. “I love how the rice combines the flavor of the Chinese sausage and the sweetness of pumpkin,” he says.

Pumpkin mochi All photos are part of Jade Dynasty Thanksgiving menus

Chan also says that customers will love the tender and juicy Chinese-style roasted turkey. The 12to14-pound bird is made with a similar sauce that Jade Dynasty uses for its Chinese roast duck, which consists of red bean curd and a combination of Asian-style spices and herbs.

Both of the Thanksgiving meals are stress-free alternatives to preparing and cooking the holiday feast on your own, so consider starting a new tradition with the family by enlisting Jade Dynasty to help.

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