Kalihi Eatery Is All Smiles

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October 22, 2017

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Minute Chicken on Chow Mein ($10.95)

One of the greatest things about Kalihi’s vast neighborhood is all the culinary gems nestled across the venerable town. And among its finest treasures is Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Liliha Square.

When Dining Out stopped by this longtime favorite, the dining area was busy serving dim sum, as diners could be seen picking and choosing their favorites from the varied selection of shumai, bao buns, dumplings and so much more. All the while, there was not a single face in the restaurant without a grin, from exuberant employees to satisfied customers.

In addition to its grand dim sum selections, Nice Day’s extensive menu offers more than 100 other scrumptious dishes to choose from.

Orange Chicken ($10.95) is always a crowd favorite, especially at this eatery, which cooks the chicken to a perfect crisp that remains nice and crunchy, even after being slathered in a house-made, syrupy sweet-and-sour sauce.

Shredded Pork with Vegetables ($11.95) is another satisfying bet that offers a pleasant balance of textures and flavors with crunchy bell peppers and tasty, soft pork.

With fast and friendly service, as well as quality Chinese fare, a visit to this restaurant will ensure that you do, indeed, have an extremely “nice day.”


A trip to any Chinese restaurant is not complete without getting tangled up in an order of delightful noodles. Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant’s Minute Chicken on Chow Mein ($10.95) is a savory option that hits all of your cravings with tender chicken, earthy choy sum and, of course, oodles of yummy chow mein noodles. Plus, as the Chinese legend goes: Long noodles signify long life. So, here’s to good slurpin’!

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