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Step Up to the Plate

September 25, 2017

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

There’s no doubt that acai has been trending in recent years, not just in Hawaii, but also around the world. You can have the popular berry, which only grows in the humid Amazonian rainforest, in the form of an acai bowl topped with bananas, granola and honey, or in a smoothie or juice. Any way you have it, the health benefits are endless — the berry is high in antioxidants and vitamins — and the taste is refreshing and delicious.

Tropical Tribe in Discovery Bay Center specializes in acai products, including Tropical Tribe Bowl — Brazilian Style. The company’s owner, Andre Alves of Brazil, recognized Hawaii’s love for acai bowls, and thought to introduce the authentic version, which offers a very different taste experience, to the Islands.

“The recipe here (for acai bowls) is really good; I love it. And that’s why I have the Hawaiia n Bowl (option). But, if you want to try the traditional acai bowl, this is where you’ll find it,” Alves says.

With a family-run factory in Brazil distributing a brand of acai berry pulp called Waiana Apalai, Alves is able to supply Tropical Tribe with high-quality products right from the source, and in turn, offer locals a genuine bite of a Brazilian staple.

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