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September 13, 2015

Story By: Serena Valdez |

As summer fun comes to a close, this year’s fall chapter still is a delight for one purpose: football. We’ve reached the first Sunday of professional football season, where friendships are put on hold and relationships are tested, as everyone’s favorite team competes for greatness. To help you get through the highs and lows of football season, you’ve got to have a champion-worthy feast. Making its way onto the field is Canton Seafood with a playbook full of winning dishes.

As with any team, the best of the best are selected during the draft picks. Similarly, Canton Restaurant has found on its menu a list of all-star draft picks to represent its team. While the Keeaumoku Street eatery’s hot pot Duck Feet with Mushrooms ($11.99) may be an up-and-coming star player, four dishes this week make the cut for being the “Most Valuable Players.”

During September, Canton Restaurant is highlighting its MVPs with a special promotion. If a patron orders any regular-priced menu item, they can get one of four standout dishes for a fraction of that price.

“Every day, so many people are ordering these dishes — so we like to keep the low prices to meet the customers’ needs,” says Canton Restaurant manager He Gong.

One MVP is the Canton Crispy Chicken ($4.99, half chicken), which is cooked to crisp perfection and served chopped and ready to eat.

This delectable delight is an inspiration for continuing to offer the special prices, says Gong. “People come here just for this dish.”

The Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger and Green Onion ($9.99 special, $12.99 regular) is a champion dish for its balance between healthy and delicious components. The sea bass is steamed using just enough oil to help blend the flavors of ginger, green onions and a unique, house-made shoyu sauce.

If you’re in the mood for some more treasures of the sea, try Seafood Fried Noodles ($7.99 special, $9.99 regular). The dish includes a combination of shrimp, scallops, squid and fish filet served atop a bed of crispy Hong Kong noodles. Also found on the dish are carrots and choy sum. Chicken broth and oyster sauce tie the dish together, yielding a flavorful taste with every bite.

All pork-fans must try Kau-Yuk Casserole with Taro and Preserved Vegetables ($13.99 special, $15.99 regular). The Kau-Yuk is a slow-cooked pork belly stew. The oil and fat are skimmed out of this lean, tender meat, and the taro is steamed to a softness that cooks the preserved vegetables, says Gong. Drizzled atop the pork is a special, savory house sauce.

“It’s a very popular dish with the locals,” says Gong. “Except it has no color, unlike the red color locals usually see. It’s more of a traditional cooking style.”

Celebrate football season this month and take advantage of these dishes that represent a healthier, yet delicious, lifestyle.

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